10 secrets from Lady Chitter Chatter (Inner critic)

Does your Lady Chitter Chatter, (your ego, inner critic) drive you crazy?

Do you spend copious time in your head desperately trying to silence her or waste precious energy analysing her ludicrous thoughts?

Does she create tremendous chaos in your life and leave you at a loss on how to control her?

Does she constantly wedge herself in between you and your Inner Pink Star (Inner wisdom) leaving you confused and miserable?Inner wisdom

Then, just when you feel like you are progressing, there she is again, unannounced and unwanted. Yelling, putting you down and making demands of you that make you feel unworthy, unlovable, frustrated, irritable and a myriad of other emotions. Does she render your life a misery?

If so, the first thing you need to know is you are not alone. All over the world millions of people are trying to find the elusive solution to living a peaceful existence whilst their minds work overtime and often seemingly against us and our well being.

Google searches are working around the clock downloading information people seek on these topics and yet still we have that negative voice demeaning us and creating unhappy existences.

The gift wrapped in pink

So, if you have said it’s time to take a stand. I applaud you. It’s a hard step. To stop and face her head on and heal her is scary, hard work. Make today the day to take a stand and say enough is enough.

This is a big step and one you will be proud of, you will reap the benefits at a level you can only dream of.

If you are seeking more lightness, freedom and happiness in your life, then working to understand and transform your Lady Chitter Chatter will effectively be the biggest gift you can give yourself and all the ones you love.

The gift on the other side wrapped in pink is an individual manual on how she works within your own heart and soul, what she needs and the secret elusive instructions on how to manage her efficiently, and what to do when she starts to breakdown.

The 10 secrets Lady Chitter Chatter wants you to know 

1.       She has been with you for a long time and probably developed when you were very young and needed protecting.

2.       She really does care for you despite the chaos she causes, she believes she is working in your best interests and protecting you when you cannot protect yourself.

3.       She doesn’t believe and trust you have the tools to look after yourself.Just BE

4.       She has felt the hurt you have suffered and does not want you to feel that hurt again, so, creates different strategies thoughts and actions in your life in a misguided attempt to help you.

5.       She does not want to feel the rejection, ridicule or abandonment and will do whatever it takes to prevent you having to feel these feelings.

6.       She may have helped you at one point in time, but now you may acknowledge that she is out of control.

7.       She wants you to understand her and her myriad of ways she manifests in you.

8.       She wants you to appreciate her for what she has tried to do and instead of hating her and trying to silence her, instead acknowledge her and be gentle with her, as she is a part of you.

9.       She wants you to develop patience, gentleness and compassion for her and for yourself.

10.   She want you to integrate her into your life in a positive fashion and take the control back

How do I do that?

  • Remember that we only do the best we can with what we know at the time – Don’t beat yourself up, be gentle, learn new skills and do things differently.
  • Do the best you can with what you knowPractice forgiving yourself for your previous ways of acting towards yourself Read more here about forgiveness
  • Don’t look back and criticise and condemn look forward with excitement at how you can transform your life.
  • Slow down and look for the lessons she has to teach you.
  • Learn more about your inner wisdom and operate from her rules instead. Read more here on your inner wisdom 
  • Strengthen the connection to yourself Read more here about getting connected to yourself
  • Take up meditation, this is one of the best ways to learn to observe the thoughts rather than attach to them Read more here about your thoughts
  • Learn all you can and accept that it will take time but you can take the reins back in your Lady Chitter Chatter for good.

Questions to ponder

1.       What does Lady Chitter Chatter say to you?Pink heart

2.       What tone of voice does she use when she talks to you?

3.       Does she lie to you?

4.       What are you scared of?

5.       What is your biggest fear?

6.       What does Lady Chitter Chatter think you could do better?

7.       How does she attack you?Best friend

8.       What do you stress about?

9.       Where are you judging yourself?

10.    Where are you pushing yourself to hard?

11.    Where are you burning out?

12.    What nasty words does Lady Chitter Chatter use?

13.    What denial or avoidance tactics does she use?

14.    What feelings does she create inside?Don't let your inner critic drive you crazy choose peace

15.    What do you sacrifice in your life by listening to her?

16.    Are these sacrifices worth it? What price do you pay?

17.    What is she protecting you from?

18.    What consequences are you avoiding?

That voice that has been there forever can be tamed and can be integrated if you choose to work towards that outcome.

I wish you well and hope you create a thirst for knowledge like I did, to gently over time learn all about her and start to use her for your benefit rather than your detriment.

So, don’t let your Lady Chitter Chatter drive you wild choose PEACE.


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