10 Tips to living your best life

It’s the year 2016 and we live in a fast paced, impulse driven world and most of us have a craving for instant gratification, often helping to curb the emotions we are trying to numb.

We seem to forget the simple things in life like riding our bike around the block or playing charades in the living room with the family, its just go go go all the time, or its being horizontal on the couch as we have seriously burnt ourselves out. We lack calm, peace, contentedness, connection and balance.

We strive to complete our to do lists and simultaneously prepare tomorrows list in anticipation with  nervous anxiety of never being able to see it finished and filed away.

“I’ll relax when my list is done”  you say to yourself, and considering the list is never done you spend each day frustrated and annoyed at all the interruptions that pop up in your life.

Lack of connection

ConnectionFrom the moment we open our eyes  we spend time scrolling through Facebook to see what everyone is up to, sacrificing just connecting with the person smiling at your across the table.

Kids are yearning to get attention, dogs look at us with a longing in their eyes to be walked, partners are aching for a real conversation and a cuddle, employers are hoping for emotionally and physically well staff.  We, ourselves are just striving to survive.

Families are falling apart and walking away when they should be running with love and open arms towards each other, to enjoy and build on the life they have created. I find this very incredibly heart wrenchingly sad.

So, in all the fuss and commotion of each day, are you living your best life?


Are you filling up your days with mindless tasks and ignoring the deeper inner cry from your soul?

Your soul

Deep within your soul is resting quietly desperately desiring  heart felt connections with others, a conviction and a purpose, self love, an authentic life, deep conversations  and for you to just stop and take a moment to honour yourself.Your beautiful soul

It will sit quietly for some time hoping you acknowledge it, but if you take too long, you may find yourself suffering panic attacks. These are often your warning signs. Your soul may be yelling at you hoping you will take notice and bring more love, truth and purpose into your life.

Excellent news though, despite what is going on around you, inside you and how the world is changing it is possible to live your best life. It is possible to gain balance, calm and peace.

As Buddha said “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

I am guilty of this and have recently told myself opening my eyes to my facebook page is not the best way to cherish the first moment of each glorious day. So, I decided to schedule posts in advance to appear on the page, I now greet my loved ones and honour myself before racing into my day.

I am also guilty of having the biggest to do list possible and with a lot going on in my life I need to keep the tasks and jobs juggled perfectly. So,  I decided to ease off abit and now I decide on the three most important things to get done every day.  One is always a moment to cherish me, this is generally attending my yoga or pilates, one is always walking my dogs, every single day. The third may vary. Everything else may just have to wait.

I have learnt the world does not stop if the house doesn’t get vacuumed each week, plus I would much prefer to be at the park with my dogs or have a peaceful moment in my mind with a cup of tea than stress about the clean floors.

News break:

It is possible to leave things till tomorrow. (This is a new concept for me but I am slowly mastering it and so can you)

So, to live your best life you need to be aware, make changes and spend some time inside the warm, beautiful room of your soul, for there it all becomes clear and you will always know what to do and who to be, it is a magical space.

My tips

Be you and only youHere are some tips I have learnt along my way and I send these tips  from my soul to yours.

1.       Self love – Be self loving in all that you do. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and always be your own best friend.

2.       Be authentic – Find your truth, live your truth, be yourself, don’t be someone else just to please others, be you and only you.

3.       Find your purpose – Follow your passions to unveil your purpose then you will feel like you are living your dream every day.

4.       Befriend your inner critic (Lady Chitter Chatter) – Meet her, be gentle and try to understand what she is trying to tell you, there are lessons galore just waiting.

5.       Meet your inner wisdom (Inner Pink Star) – Go deep, access her and she will always have the answers that are perfect for you, she is a genius.

6.       Honour your sacred temple, your body – Work with your mind and body together, be kind and give your body what it wants, needs and likes, find the foods that work for you, ditch the ones that aggravate your system.

7.       Respect your feelings – Don’t try and hide them, shine a light on them, feel them and walk through the pain to a place of light and joy

8.       Honour your grief – Feel and process your grief, allow time for it to process.

9.       Move your body – Your body likes to move and be active, allow it to do what is natural and exercise daily. Find the type of exercise that works for you.

10.   Be in the present moment – Find a way to appreciate the moment, it may be Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, walking in the park, golf etc It could be anything.

But whatever you do don’t miss the moment for that is where life is and that is where the magic and the miracles happen.

So, please  go out and live your best life today…

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