10 tips to reveal life’s little gems!

Life is jam-packed with shiny, sparkling gems! Their brilliance is amazing and can light up our worlds.

They come in many amazing and life changing forms:  profound epiphanies, moments of bliss, special connections with self or others, flashes of clarity, precision with our decisions, problem solving with lucidity or just being in the flow and glow of life.

BEWhen they arrive they captivate us, keeping us enthralled for as long as they surround us and charm us with the ability to enhance our day, our moment or our life. Then so quickly before we even notice us we may be thrown down the rabbit hole again following a negative thought stream about something so trivial.

We grasp, beg, hope and pray for another respite to feel that moment where for a microsecond we again can feel fully and beautifully connected to life in all its grace, elegance and beauty.

The gems!

Sometimes they are bright, loud and discernible and other times they are buried deep below in the nooks and crannies that are shrouded by layers and layers of self that need to be unfolded and unpacked before we can bask in their brilliance and glow.

One day they just pop up by surprise to be greeted with energy, wisdom and exhilaration and another day you dig and dig shovelling aside all the inconsequential inner rubbish and get absolutely nowhere but with your knickers in a twist of chaos and frustration.

So how do we find the gems in a conscious way rather than just stumbling over them with little or no awareness of how they came to fruition for that millisecond.

That is the question!

10 simple tips to make profound changes!

  1. Awareness – It’s all starts with awareness. Be aware when you are connected to the beauty of the gems. Be aware when you are not. Check in during the day and see how you feel and what you are feeling.
  2. Silence – Spend some time in silence each day. Allow your thoughts to do what they do while you focus solely on your breath. Give your mind a rest and permission to gently focus inwards.
  3. Stillness – Sit in stillness with the silence, just you grounded to the earth beneath you, eyes closed, with the rise and fall of your breath.
  4. Earthing – Go barefoot and get grounded with the earth, recharge your inner batteries. Increase antioxidants, lower inflammation, sleep better, reduce pain, reduce stress and increase your health benefits, just allow the relationship between your body and the electrons in the earth to heighten and electrify.Be authentic
  5. Connection – Get connected to yourself, face the fears, go inward and shed the unnecessary and damaging layers of ego to find your beautiful and wise inner wisdom that lies quietly beneath.
  6. Connection to others – Connect to others – share, laugh, have fun, walk the earth with your tribe the ones that understand you and allow your amazing, individual soul to flourish and thrive.
  7. Fun – Don’t take life so seriously, have fun, laugh really loud and vigorously, let your whole body shake till tears of laughter arise. Notice the release.
  8. Moment – Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Grief the past, plan for the future then come back to this very moment, and acknowledge the gem of just breathing in the miracle of life.
  9. Dharma – Is a  yogic concept which refers to the idea of a law or a principle that governs the universe. For an individual to live out their dharma means they are acting in accordance with this law. In Buddhism, it is said that acting in this way is the path to enlightenment. The implication of dharma is that there is a right way for each person to carry out their life. Find your dharma live your dream and your purpose.
  10. Just BE you!

The gems are there to be found, waiting patiently for you to arrive and meet them. A little bit of conscious awareness in life can help these gems rain over our life more frequently and enable their brilliance to scatter, sparkle and dazzle deep through your entire inner and outer existence.

Shine brightlyJust take the first step!

It’s always just taking the first step the rest will follow exactly how it is meant to, You are where you are today and are exactly where you are meant to be. One different choice, one different decision, one small change can transform your entire life and your future.

Follow the footsteps of your heart’s wisdom, this is where the gems reside!

Good luck!

BIG Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children, Suzy and Chelsea xx


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