100 Secrets to a “Life in the Pink”

100 Tips and secrets to living a Life in the Pink that I would like to share with you.

The term “In the Pink” was coined in the 16th century and over time has evolved to mean in perfect health emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

My journey through heartbreak, anxiety, loss and grief back to a Life in the Pink has taught me many tips and secrets.

They fall into the three categories, see below my recipe for a simple, purposeful and happy life.

HEARTBREAK – Walking through your heartbreaks with self love- LOVE

HEALING – Unearthing your authentic self – TRUTH

HAPPINESS – Discovering your life purpose and living your dream – PURPOSE

HEARTBREAK – Walking through your heartbreaks with self love – LOVE

  1. Be your own best friend, treat yourself with self love
  2. Value and voice your opinion
  3. Ensure you are treated with respect by others
  4. Trust and believe in yourself
  5. Know that you are significant
  6. Allow the universe to support you
  7. Move out of avoidanceFeel connected to yourself and others
  8. Listen to your body, mind and spirit
  9. Acknowledge your grief, feel your grief and face your emotions and your fears
  10. Take responsibility for your life
  11. Seek forgiveness for yourself and others, know that it is a gift
  12. Create acceptance in your life
  13. Journal your feelings
  14. Redesign and redecorate from the inside out
  15. Don’t be so hard on yourself, be gentle and compassionate with yourself
  16. Move out of avoidance as it will only keep the feeling present inside you
  17. Let your heart open up
  18. Introduce awareness into your life
  19. Be willing to feel better
  20. Remove yourself from living as a victim
  21. Take charge and be the author of your life
  22. Dive deep inside and meet your feelings
  23. Take some deep breaths
  24. Be honest with yourself
  25. Know that anxiety is just your thoughts creating havoc
  26. Appreciate anxiety, anger and sadness are all a part of heartbreak, loss and grief
  27. Become the observer of your thoughts
  28. You can make a choice what you think and how you act, respond differently
  29. Operate from love not fear
  30. Remember that sadness allows you to be vulnerable
  31. Ponder the fact that people generally do the best they can with what they know
  32. Accept the icky feelings are normal when your heart is broken
  33. Be aware, feel, process, express and heal

HEALING – Unearthing your authentic self – TRUTH

  1. Stop and Breathe – Inhale and Exhale
  2. Be authentic
  3. Be true to yourself
  4. Allow yourself to be heard
  5. Feel empowered in all that you do
  6. Be calm and relaxed
  7. Allow your life to unfold
  8. Let your heart open upBe self expressive
  9. Be self aware
  10. Feel your feelings
  11. Acknowledge your hurt
  12. Allow yourself to be sensitive and vulnerable
  13. Be present in this moment
  14. Blossom and grow
  15. Find your courage to be your true self
  16. Make promises to yourself
  17. Believe in your own miracles
  18. Practice mediation, become still and quiet
  19. Learn to let it go
  20. Be aware of others, but honour your heart
  21. Find your grace and your beauty within
  22. Appreciate your worth, learn to honour, love and be proud of who you are
  23. Choose to live your life with awareness and enthusiasm
  24. Take one baby step every day
  25. Know we are all unique exactly as we are with all our scars and imperfections
  26. Meet yourself head on, begin your transformation today
  27. Find your values, then live and breathe them
  28. Challenge any limiting core beliefs
  29. Allow yourself to live your dream life
  30. Focus on the good not what is missing
  31. Befriend Lady Chitter Chatter (your inner critic)
  32. Don’t self abandon yourself
  33. Find and embrace the silence that resides within

HAPPINESS – Discovering your life purpose and living your dream – PURPOSE

  1. Know that everyone is born with a life and soul purpose
  2. Believe that you have a contribution to offer this world
  3. Seek out your creativity
  4. Show enthusiasm for your life
  5. Follow your passions
  6. Listen to your heart
  7. Be positive
  8. Plan for the future
  9. Move forward with passion and excitement
  10. Build your life resumeKnow that anything is possible if you dream it to be so
  11. Listen to your Inner Pink Star (Inner wisdom)
  12. Create affirmations
  13. Use visualisations
  14. Walk forward and do everything to find your purpose
  15. Look for what lights you up inside
  16. Follow the footprints on your soul to your life purpose
  17. Be your best self
  18. Acknowledge your talent and contribution
  19. Start a new project today
  20. Try different things
  21. Use the process of elimination to find your purpose
  22. Discover what makes you feel electrified
  23. Know that it takes time to be living your purpose it can’t happen overnight
  24. Be patient with yourself
  25. Allow yourself to move out of your comfort zone, be uncomfortable
  26. Take some planned and healthy risks
  27. Know that it almost always turns out ok in the end
  28. Remove toxicity from your life and focus on the positive
  29. Be the person you dream yourself to be
  30. Become a seeker of your purpose
  31. Look to the people you admire, use them as your mentors
  32. Observe yourself and watch for your purpose buried within to expose itself
  33. Build your life resume, live your life purpose bring your dream to fruition

100. Be you and only you

It’s as simple as 1 – 100 combined with willingness,determination and belief.Operate from love not fear

Start today and your tomorrow could look a whole lot different. Trust me once you find your purpose, even though there are still challenges life really does become so much sweeter. You literally start living your souls desire and it is a happy and smiley place.

Pink Love Lara and the two beautiful fur children. xxx


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