15 tips on writing an inspirational book!

Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness – Author: Lara Casanova

Heartbreak Healing and HappinessI still have to pinch myself, my dream came true, I actually wrote and published a book, I am an author.

When people know I have written a book, I see raised eyebrows and sometimes a look of astonishment as if it is a huge accomplishment.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. For me it is just my life, what I have done and what I have achieved. I am very proud of what I have achieved but I don’t consider myself special for having done so.  I am just another girl with a story and a love for self expression and helping others.

My dream

For me a dream of 10 years came to fruition when I published my book.  Over ten years ago I designed a cover and it took that long for the insides of the book to come out from within me and place the words onto the pages. The cover changed a little over time but in essence was rather similar coincidently and still PINK!

I never thought I was creative, at school I never did well on essay writing. I was never an arty student but focused on more academic subjects. I also worked in offices in the administration or managerial area not even in a creative business. I thought I had no skill or talent in the writing arena. I would joke how uncreative I was. However, when my heart took charge of the task it spilled out and unfolded just as it was meant to.

I had an immensely upsetting time, I hit rock bottom, I wrote from the heart. My writing healed my heart and gave rise to my book to help others through the storm of a breakup.

The right time to write

When the time was right for me to write my book I found it very easy, actually more than easy. I became a channel as I sat and typed the words just flowed through me without me really thinking about it. My heart took over and out it came.

It took a lot of effort, commitment and dedication. But it was also a massive amount of fun, learning and probably two of the best years of my life.

It is truly my purpose and passion, one that I had been seeking for so long and it never felt like work or a job, it just lights me up when I write, I feel an inner joy and contentment glowing and warming me.

I have only written one book to date so I am not an expert but my story and my advice on how I got started may just be the impetus for you to also get started.

As I write this I am on the precipice of starting my second, wish me luck as I wish you luck.

15 tips on the way to your dream book

  1. Wait for the right time. The time needs to feel right, you will know when it is you will feel it.Hunt and gather information while you wait, fill yourself up with your subject topic until you are ready to spread your love and knowledge all over the world.
  2. Have a rough plan. Buy a big A3 blank paper notebook, brainstorm your chapters and layout, put it on paper, list everything you want to include just get it on paper.signing
  3. Then, just start writing, see where it takes you. Don’t worry about the end yet and how you will publish the book that will happen and unfold in its own time, writing brings forth more writing, trust in the knowledge inside.
  4. Have faith that you can do it, believe in yourself.
  5. Follow your heart, write from your heart, be authentic and do it with love, write your story from your heart, don’t copy others, your heart is special with your own unique story waiting to be told.
  6. Write what you know with certainty, have total faith and knowledge on your content, be an expert on your content, write what you have experienced and conquered, write with a desire to help others, share your story, people love to see themselves in your story.
  7. Channel your subject, allow your subject material to flow through you onto the pages, be a channel for your story, be honest and open, use meditation, music, love to help it flow.Lara signing
  8. Select attractive and punchy words to express yourself, list your favorite words and use them throughout the book, have fun finding your fun words.
  9. Research and follow fellow authors that have done what you wish to achieve, list your role models and mentors, read their material, ingest all their words, see how it relates to you.
  10. Get a great, no an amazingly awesome editor/coach, I have one if you are looking, use one that can take you from start to finish, this is so very important especially on your first book when you need your hand held all the way.
  11. Choose a catchy title that portrays your message, spend extra time on the title, make sure it sums up your book, see if there is already a book by this name in existence.
  12. Design a divine cover, you will need to look at your book cover for years to come, design this carefully, play with different styles and covers, make sure it reflects your book and you, make it funky, corporate, colourful, classical, whatever you like it’s your book, use Canva/Pinterest or other website to help you design and gain ideas. I have a great designer also, just ask.
  13. Ask yourself these questions before you start
    1. Who am I?
    2. What is my core message?
    3. What are my values and vision statement for my book?
    4. Who is my audience?
    5. What am I hoping to help people with?
    6. Why am I writing a book?
    7. What is my life purpose my path?
    8. How will my book change someone’s world?
    9. What is the biggest impact I hope my book will have?
    10. How is my book just a little different from others?
    11. What is the one big enticing benefit my book will have?
    12. What do I want to happen after I finish?


14.   Build a website, blog, Facebook page, market, throw a launch, speak to bookstores, load the book online,get help if needed

15.   Write a beautiful introduction and thank the appropriate peopleStart today

Good luck let me know when are published and I would love to read your beautiful book or hear about your journey. If you want any ideas or information just contact me. If you would like to submit a blog on my site for others to read see this link https://www.lifeinthepink.com.au/submit-a-story/

Pink glyph

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children, Suzy and Chelsea xx


Visit this link to buy my book Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness – Flourishing after a Heartbreak


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