3 big questions to move from pain to passion

Do you want to move from inner pain to passion? To find that inner freedom accompanied with enthusiasm, excitement and zest for your life?

Yes, I hear, yes all over the place. Then I hear, but how? What do I do next? I don’t know what I want to do? These negative connotations only lead you to a continued life of pain and your passion remains elusive and hiding under the surface.

I talk a lot about finding your life and soul purpose because that’s part of what everyone wants, to live the dream. Most of the time though we don’t even know what the dream is.

Uncovering your life purpose is part of the magical formula that will transform you from a life drudging around to your soul singing and dancing. This song and dance will lead you to the life of inner joy and contentment.

When you reach the inner joy and contentment life flows more smoothly, the little moments are appreciated more wholly and your feelings are honoured and expressed as they were designed to be.

Firstly though

Firstly we need to let go and surrender to the universe a little. Let go of the obsessive thoughts   that negate your hopeful dreams or the negative thoughts that tell you that you don’t know what to do or if you do know you don’t know how to create it.

Trust in your journeyThey are all destructive fluff and worry and to be honest not really worth buying into. Let’s use your energy to discover your passion and then to make a plan on how to make it come to fruition. Much better spent energy. Live in the solution not the problem.

Trust in your journey and have faith in the flow and allow yourself to be creative and have some fun.

You can work out all the logistics later lets firstly work out what sets your heart and soul on fire and creates that internal drive and passion.

Question no 1.

What really illuminates you?

When you are going through your day to day stuff what stops you in your tracks and makes you think WOW. Or what do you get a warm inner glow from?

Go about life a little slower and try and notice what is going on inside. Your feelings will never lie.Dogs

Yes they will tell you when things are not going well but on the flip side they will also tell you when you are in love with something or show you that thing that really lights you up internally.

For me every time a see a dog I can’t help myself I just want to run to it and say hello, give it a big hug and hear all about its story. I have family and friends that laugh at me and don’t stop with me and just keep walking.

However, I still stop and find out all about my new friend. I just love all the furry creatures and their deep brown soulful eyes. They make me feel alive and illuminated.

Question 2

What puts you in the flow?

When I say in the flow I mean you are so engrossed in what you are doing you look up and time has just passed. You are busy being fulfilled.

When you are living in the drudge time goes ever so slowly, you can look at the clock and say to colleagues at work “I can’t believe its only 3pm we have 2 hours to go” or “How many days till the weekend”

I worked in the corporate world for many years, for me this was a soulless job and I heard myself and most of my colleagues versing the same words every day.

Most people there are just wishing their moments and lives away hoping for the next weekend.

Their week days are filled with stress and frustration that often leads them to a life of anxiety and depression.

Life is so short anyway we don’t want to wish our moments away willingly. Do we?

Become a seekerBeing a seeker and seeking depth and meaning in all of my life, I left the corporate world and the stress and anxiety behind soon after I took out my own solo mortgage and went to work part time in a much lesser paid role, whilst I went on my journey to find what set my soul on fire.

I tried many different avenues and studied many different things, all my different ventures have added to and led me to my Life in the Pink dream. It wasn’t always easy but it has been so fulfilling in every sense.

So, what do you do that when you do it you just get lost in yourself and in time? You will find this may double with what illuminates you.

Question 3

What is your dream?  I give you 3 million dollars today but tell you that you have to start a business with the money. What do you do or at least what type of business will you start?

(PS in this dream you do not need to know how to run a business, you do not need to worry, you just need to let your mind dream. Also the business could be being a mother, working from home, and can be charity based where you give the money away.)

I know I have sat at a restaurant many times with friends and pretended we won the lottery and became excited at how we would spend the money.

So sit at the table with me for a moment and tell me what you would do with the 3 million dollars.

You can pay anyone to do what you don’t know how to do. But would you work with gardens, cooking, exercise, wine making or another venture.

Go out to dinner with your best friend and try it, two people are better than one to play this fun game.

What now

As you go through the 3 questions and through your days, carry a notebook (Preferably a pink one) start a list and add to it everything that comes into your mind. Carry it with you during the day to add to it. Let your passions evolve.

Build a passion and purpose diary.


  • Take a course
  • Make a plan
  • Do some voluntary work in your field
  • Speak to mentors
  • Read on the internet
  • Add a little of your passion into your everyday
  • Learn to be positive
  • Take some small risks
  • Be true to yourself
  • Keep growing your list with all the hints to your passionStart today

If you can dream it you can do it. BUT you have to start somewhere.

So, put the fluff and the worry behind you and start today. Because if you can start today your tomorrows will be different but if you don’t start today everything will probably remain the same.

My Top 10 (Besides family they come at the very top)

  1. Dogs, dogs, dogs
  2. Spiritual development
  3. Reading and Writing
  4. Self expression
  5. Creating
  6. Sharing my knowledge to assist others
  7. Yoga, Pilates and meditation
  8. The Italian culture
  9. My home
  10. Business

Go out and find that passion and live your dream. Be illuminating and let your heart and soul light up internally and glow outwardly to the world.

Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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