A 94th birthday party and a gift on happiness and longevity

The invite

When I received the invitation to a 94th it was no surprise to me that I was unequivocally thrilled. I then looked forward to it for weeks with a child like anticipation.

The day came

The day came, yesterday I was honoured, privileged and excited to attend my paternal grandmothers sisters 94th birthday. WOW, 94, that’s a lot of years and a lot of cakes, plus sooo much experience, love, life and wisdom housed in her beautiful, gentle heart and soul. On top of that she looks amazing, classy, graceful and always dressed with a smile.Smile

I am a very sentimental soul who feels all warm and fuzzy amongst my heritage and culture and love family tradition. I can’t seem to get enough. My father passed away recently and so I feel even more delighted to be able to attend days like yesterday. It gives me the ability to share and appreciate stories, laughter and times gone by, reminiscing about my family. It allows the older souls to scatter memories of love on the younger generation’s hearts.

The arrival

Reflecting today I think I was the first one to arrive and I believe she was not told that the party was happening to prevent any worry, so, I have no doubt she was probably a little befuddled when I waltzed in the door full of life and excitement wishing her a grand happy birthday.

I quickly explained who I was so to ensure there was no embarrassment for her, potentially she may have had no idea who this happy overexcited person was sitting next to her on her couch, presenting her with a birthday card.

Once we had established the family tree and who was who, which took a while, we eased into the afternoon with many other guests who arrived to share in her special day.

The afternoon

Be a nice personI have an Italian culture so the day was filled with loud conversation and laughter, big hand gestures, yummy Italian meats, cheeses ,nice champagnes and wine, oh and more food.

All afternoon I felt graced by her company and in awe of her demeanour to life and how she flowed effortlessly through her day. I kept gravitating towards her to be in her presence and while I was talking to others I was still watching her out of the corner of my eye.

I do this because, she is my nanna’s sister but looks so much like my nanna, the poor lady must feel overwhelmed when she sees me cause I sit next to her and try and soak up her love, her wisdom and her similarities to Nanna. It’s almost like I feel it is nanna.

I also do this because I feel the older generation get overlooked and we forget they have been there and done that. They have been through everything we are going through and probably more. They are nearing the end of their life and may be facing other concerns that we are lucky to not have to think about yet. We shouldn’t under estimate their strength of character.

She remained decorated in her genuine happy smile, looking graceful, listening to others, to me she oozed a warm and contended glow. I would a liken it to feeling whole and comfortable in her skin and her thoughts. To me this made her appear even more graceful and calm a lovely way to be.

The older generation

The older generation have a stocked full library of wisdom to share with others. We need to be patient and interested enough to allow their eccentricities of being older not bother our impatient ways and use our active listening skills to take away some of this wisdom. It could help with our own lives and by listening we simultaneously are giving them the joy and contentment of feeling useful and interesting by imparting their knowledge.

I couldn’t help it, I had to ask her what her biggest tip was to reaching such a grand age. She thought for a second and then confidently shared.

The number 1 tip : LIVE WELL AND EAT WELL.

It was no shock, and it made me laugh when she mentioned eating as she came from a strong Italian family where there has always been food glorious food, and her parental family business was a successful pasta company.

The definition of live well

I would have loved to talk more in depth about how she defined living well but looking at her and being graced by her company through the afternoon I believe she would have said:

  • It is about being comfortable in your own skin.Live well eat well
  • Being around your loved ones.
  • Being kind and generous
  • Being interested in others.
  • Taking in the energy of others
  • Having time for everyone
  • Being true to yourself
  • Living each moment as they come
  • Take things slowly
  • Don’t stress yourself out
  • Smile a lot, then smile again
  • Take things as they come
  • Feeling each moment as a moment of love and wonder
  • Trust in the flow of life
  • Sit still and contemplate
  • PLUS Eat well and eat a lot and eat good food.

This morning

When I received a call from her daughter this morning I had to laugh when I asked how the day progressed after I left and she said Mum had a great time, stayed up with the guests till after 10pm  and ate all day.

So there it is Live well and Eat well.


Remember to sit and take in the lessons from your elderly family members, you never know what surprising knowledge or wisdom they will share with you.

My own grandmother also lived till over 90, so today I am feeling tremendously lucky to have good genes and longevity and I hope I make it to a ripe old age of over 90. But I only wish to achieve this if I am able to look and feel as graceful and beautiful as my grandmothers sister did yesterday.

Thank you for the invitation, I had a fabulous day and I will live to remember the lessons from the few hours I spent with you on your 94th birthday, what a beautiful lady.

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