A Choice. Leave it. Change it or Accept it.

Choices, choices, choices.

Every day we are faced with on average 35,000 choices and decisions to make in our lives. The choices we make can either lead us to a road of fulfilment, passion and pleasure or pain, annoyance and frustration.

It is imperative then that we make the right choice, at the right time for the right outcome.

Do you?

Do you spend excess time in your head weighing up decisions and worrying about the impact and what can go wrong?

Do you feel like a mouse on a treadmill going round and round and increasing your anxiety as you can’t find the right choice to make.

Do you spend hours on the phone to friends and family rehashing your options trying to find the right choice?

Could this time be better spent with friends and family having fun and sharing love and lightness rather than despair and agonising?

This is not uncommon in our fast paced busy chaotic human world. So it is important to learn more about how to make the best choice for yourself to reduce your frustration and increase your happiness.

The moments count so let’s make your moments more joyful and all-encompassing so you can live out the amazing divine lives you were given instead of wasting them away.

Leave it. Change it. Accept it.

These key words of wisdom originate from Eckhart Tolle’s book the “Power of Now”

These words have helped me on many occasions to make a decision or understand where I am headed. Using this message it’s simple. Leave it.. Change it.. Accept it.. Do one of the three. Then move on. SIMPLE.

Leave it.

Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a friendship, a dramatic situation or a something else, if you don’t like it and can’t live with it, easy leave it. Totally your choice, no ifs and buts. You are the author of your life. You get to choose.

If something is making you that miserable you really need to ask yourself if its time to leave it. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. You will be the only one to know. But it is one of the options.Leave it

It is very hard for some people to make this decision and maybe it’s not the right time but if you have tried everything else you can’t remain in victimville forever sometimes you need to muster up your internal courage and wisdom, listen to your inner pink star (inner wisdom) face the consequences and leave.

If you listen quietly to your inner pink star she will know if this is the right choice for you. The right choice is not always the easiest one however. It may bring you more short term pain but the rewards in the long term could be so amazing.

A decision I made and the short term anxiety and mild depression that followed, for me became the road I needed to walk to move past an unhealthy relationship to a life free from pain and full of passion, purpose, happiness and contentment.

I now live with love truth and purpose following my dreams and desires in my life, I am free of drama and unhappiness and look forward to each moment in my future.

Sometimes you need to “Leave it” to walk the path of pain towards the passion.

If you can’t leave it maybe one of the other two options will work.

Change it.

Work on change. What can you do to change the situation? Put on your pink thinking cap and think outside the square. What can you do?

Seek help from a professional, google on the internet, ask for others opinions. There are numerous ways you can change a situation.

Change itYou can work on changing or improving yourself to react or respond differently. You can ask for change from someone else, who knows they may be unaware yet happy to work on improving the situation with you.

Again, remove yourself from victimville and look for options that will provide a different outcome and improve your situation.

My dog Suzy has had two toes amputated and has become reasonably lame on one leg, so our daily hour walks have been reduced significantly to keep her comfortable. Refusing to remain in victimville and being most upset about this situation I decided to think outside the square and change it.

I took her interstate, 8 hour drive, dog friendly high rise accommodation to a special dog physio who cast her leg and are sending it to the USA to build a brace to support her remaining joints, provide comfort and protect her joints.

I was told that we haven’t done too much damage yet and the brace will enable us once again to wander through our suburbs walking an hour at a time.

Think about if you can “Change it”, the change could become a welcome relief.

If you can’t “change the situation there is another choice.

Accept it.

Maybe the final choice is to accept. You can’t leave it and you can’t change it. Therefore this is really the only remaining choice.

Deep breathe, relax and put your faith and trust in the universe and your journey. Accept it

Believe that you can handle any situation and come back to living in the moment.

Use your inner skills and accept it is what it is.

If you have come to this final realisation stop the worry and the chaos and relax into your life.

If you can “Accept it” you a e bound for a life free from worry and inner chaos.

Your decision

Everything is your decision, you are the boss of your life, nothing is anyone else’s fault. If you are not happy about something take responsibility, look to a solution using one of the three above.

To remain in pain and unhappiness when there are options to be sought, learnt and put into our lives seems silly.


  1. Leave it
  2. Change it
  3. Accept it.

Your choice, Your life, your pain or your happiness. Choose well. Enjoy the ride.

Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx



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