A simple life.

Imagine leading a simple yet deeply fulfilling life.

You would be free of the stressors you encounter daily that send you into chaos and clutter and filled to the brim full with deep and rich experiences that send you to the land of joy, bliss and contentment.

You would walk slowly down the street, smell a whiff of spring air and stop and feel the internal gratitude.

You would smell the flowers as you walk by and literally feel warm and fuzzy inside. Breathing in the peace and breathing out the love.

A simple lifeYou would hear people going about their day, and light up inside, feeling connected to the entire and the universe. You would be living from love, emitting it outwards into the world.

Sound Pollyannaish? Maybe, but that is how I feel a majority of the time. Not all the time, I still tend to occasionally invite drama in and I mess up but I know what it is to live from love and joy and it feels absolutely mind – blowing.

Is it possible? Yes, of course it is. You just need to know how to get there.

Spiritual leaders

It is not purely for the spiritual leaders of the world, it is just as available to the normal everyday person. You just need to be willing to find and accept it into your life, be open to new experiences and feelings.

The Dalai Lama spreads his message and promotion of human values such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment and self-discipline. He states all human beings are the same, and all want happiness and do not want suffering.

He has dedicated his life to living what he believes in and in doing so has become a role model to the world, he packs stadiums around the world like a rock star, as people crave to be in his presence and for a moment feel what he feels, pure love and joy.

A choice

If this is true and we want a joyous life, why do we attract endless drama into our lives? Is this really the only way to run away from our emotional turmoil, effectively making life more difficult for ourselves instead of better?

Adding more emotional drama onto a mind and soul already entrenched in drama creates more self destruction, self hatred and inner chaos, taking people so far away from the way out of their inner hell.Peace

Unfortunately you can’t blink your eyes like Samantha in Bewitched and change your life in an instant, It’s a journey that takes time, you need patience, you need to allow yourself time to grow and learn.

Be self loving and allow yourself to step onto the ride and watch how your life can change.

Do you want the drama or do you want the joy? You choose. This part is really that simple.

Choose now! The clock is ticking, you have one life. Make the right choice.

Now create the reality of that choice.

Put 100% commitment behind your choice, go through the highs and the lows but stay committed and you are on your way to a simpler life.

Quick steps to “A simple life”

1.       Visualise what you want. Every day visualise how you want to act, who you want to be. See yourself in your visualisation, make it mandatory to be that person. Then every day act out your visualisation till your new reality is created

2.       Feel the feelings. Go inside, and feel every feeling as it arises. Clear out the emotional energy. Live in the emotional moment. Clearing out your old baggage and staying on top of your feelings will help you heal.

3.       A little at a time. You can’t do it all at once. Baby steps.

4.       Create acceptance. Accept people for who they are and believe everyone does the best they can with what they know. People are, who people are, and it is their right to be their own quirky version of themselves, not your version. Accept them for that, and if you can’t do that them turn around and walk don’t stay and harp on, trying to change them.Love yourself

5.       Don’t be angry and blame others for your shortcomings as a way to absolution. Instead see the best in them look for the good.

6.       Take ownership for your life. Don’t be a door mat and then blame others for walking all over you. Take control, show integrity to your heart and soul as it deserves. Be treated with respect every time.

7.       Drop expectations. Holding expectations over people and circumstances is one of the quickest ways to suffering.

8.       Live in the moment and allow it to unfold the way it does, have faith in your journey.

9.       Let it go. Sometimes just let it go. If it creates to much inner turmoil. Let it go.Let it go

10.   Drop judgements. Everyone’s reality is different. When we judge someone this is all from our perspective and is not the reality of others. Plus it creates inner turmoil and is really not very nice.

11.   Don’t take things so personally sometimes it really is not about you.

12.   Stop the gossip! Feeling good at the expense of someone else’s demise is really only highlighting your own insecurities, and a way of trying to make yourself feel better. Feel compassion and help them instead.

13.   Love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself. Be kind to yourself. Expectations and restrictions on how to be or not be on will only create a feeling of imprisonment; let them go, be authentic.

14.   Know that what you see in others that you don’t like is actually only an unacknowledged part of yourself. Find that unacknowledged part of yourself, spend some time with her, and forgive her. This will allow you to be more tolerant of this trait in others and it will not push your buttons any longer.

15.   Know also that the good things you see in others that you aspire to be are actually also parts of yourself, maybe just buried below waiting to be exposed.

16.   Don’t overthink things, it is so destructive, relax the mind and allow the heart to guide you to your place in life.

17.   Be loving to yourself and everyone else all the time.Keep it simple

Live your life in a way that you send loving vibrations out into the universe to ripple over others lives and create similar effects.

Shine your small bright pink shimmery light out to the world and allow others to be lit up by it enabling them to want what you have and share it more and more.

Believe in our world and strive for a peaceful planet, be what the world needs and pay it forward.


Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx



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