A solo adventure – Travelling alone to Noosa, Queensland

Sitting in my one bedroom apartment on the day before I leave to go home I ponder the good and the not so good on my first solo travelling adventure and reflect on the experience in its entirety.

For months I have been on the lead up to my trip with somewhat mixed emotions. Would I like travelling on my own? Would I feel safe? Would I meet anyone? Would I get sick of myself? How was I going to eat alone?Noosa Restaurant

One minute I was thrilled and excited, then a little part of me, Lady Chitter Chatter (The Inner critic) would instil a fear in me, of what, exactly, I don’t really know.

Anyway, with my philosophy of walking directly in the fear and believing that you can handle anything life throws at you if you live in the moment, feel your feelings and honour yourself, I charged forward.

If you have been following my blogs you would know in honour of my Dad I want to live my life to the fullest and have deep rich experiences. I want to experience myself in new places and cultures and understand and reflect more on who I am as a person and what I want from life and what I can give back.

For me his death has created a new awakening or a birth in me that is to rediscover where I fit in and more about who I am.

So, I was going on my holiday and it was going to be great, or so I hoped. I am here now and I can say it is great.

Noosa and my top 5 things to do

The backdrop of my trip has been in Noosa, in the Sunshine Coat, South East Queensland Australia.

Oh, and what a beautiful backdrop. Australia really does have some of the most amazing places to visit and turns it on for its visitors like an Italian nanna.

Divine and Idyllic comes to mind when I recall my 10.8km walk through Noosa National Park along the coastline to Hells Gates. As I got higher the cliff top views of the blue water along the coast were breathtaking, calming and exhilarating at the same time. Despite, walking up there later in the afternoon and finding myself somewhat alone on the walk, I let the fear wash over me, walked a little faster but continued to enjoy my time arriving back in darkness.

Noosa RococoBusy, sandy and bikini clad comes to mind when I reflect on Hastings Street the main strip. Full of extravagant and trendy boutiques housing the latest fashions for all age groups and price brackets, restaurants housing all selections of food, cafes with their coffee machines in full force, icecream and smoothie stalls for the health kick in us and much more. I lived with my inner health kick but added a side extra of chocolate and some chips every day.

Waves and stillness comes to mind when I think of the beaches. Noosa Main beach which lies parallel to Hastings Street is lined full of people, tents and lifeguards, brimming with activity and children. Many other little beaches along the coastline are available and depending on your desire for adventure will be what you discover; surfing is also an option for the surfer dudes. My favourite the Spit beach (Doggy off lead area) at the end of Noosa Woods gave me my daily doggy fix. Each morning I would venture there about 6am (Did I tell you most people and the sun are up about 5-6am) and immerse myself in the dogs, the locals and the stillness of the little space of water for a couple of hours. I would do my daily lap swimming and chat with the locals on how they ended up living in such a beautiful place. Most have a story of starting somewhere else and ending up in Noosa. Despite the general feel from locals that the tourists can be painful, clog up the traffic and look pretentious walking the streets in their bikinis, they are very warm, friendly, down to earth and willing to share their stories, if you care to listen.

Speed boats, kayaks, jetty jumpers and paddle boards remind me of the Noosa River. At the back of the main strip on Noosa Parade houses some fun water sports. I jumped on a Stand up paddleboard SUP for a go and despite putting myself into Noosa RiverDownward dog and practising yoga asana’s, running over the wakes of speedboats, nearly colliding with the jetty and being grabbed by a 15 year old jetty jumper calling me his water Uber, I still didn’t fall in and totally embarrass myself.

Hot, creative and colourful were the Eumundi markets, about 20 minutes inland by car it’s a must to see, there is something for everyone and you will surely leave with a few extra bags. I left with extra bags but also felt like I was the dog police advising people that appeared clueless that there dog looked like they were doing a doggy dance because the pavement was far too hot for them. I left dripping in sweat as it was so hot and humid and no doubt many dogs experienced some form of heat exhaustion also. I am sure they would have been happier at home not being dragged around a market on a 40 degree humid day. (Sorry my vent)

Other activities

  • Ikatan Day Spa Noosa – Balinese set day spa – divine
  • Hot yoga, Pilates, Yin and Meditation – Aloha Active Noosa Blue resort
  • Noosa Ferry along from Noosa to the Noosa Marina – Stops and shopping as you go
  • Hanging out in the room – Sebel hotel, beautiful spot
  • Sunshine beach – Swimming, surfing and more dogs
  • Day trips to Fraser Island, Australia Zoo, Sea life Mooloolaba, Coolum
  • Horse riding, jet skiing, car hire, bike riding – All modes of transport catered for
  • And…So much more…

The good and the not so good of solo travel

The good

  • You can do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. You can solely plan your daily movements to suit your moods and desires.
  • It’s all about you
  • A feeling of empowerment
  • The ability to learn about yourself
  • You will build a better connection with yourself

The not so good

  • You may experience feelings of aloneness, especially if you are in a family destination and most people around you are in groups. That’s ok though, it’s just a feelings let it wash over you and continue on to the beach.
  • You may find it difficult to eat out alone, do it anyway!
  • It may be more costly, save it up and treat yourself


  • Say yes.. (So long as you remain safe)
  • Be open to different things
  • Be motivated, do things, don’t sit in your room
  • Get the map of the local area and plan what you want to see
  • Engage others, talk to people, open up conversation
  • Appreciate the beauty of where you are
  • Keep a diary of your day, activities, feelings and what you learn
  • Reflect on who you are in your new surroundings
  • If you like dogs hang around where the dogs are, doggy people are generally very friendly
  • Stop worrying about what others think
  • Always be mindful and be safe.

Did I enjoy my solo trip? For sure I did!

It was fabulous and I felt at home, comfortable and safe. I learnt so much more about myself.

I have now booked my next solo adventure overseas for later in the year, Italia here I come.. I can’t wait to try it all out again in a brand new country. I believe I am ready and if you believe you are ready you will be too.

The world is now my oyster. Share it with me.

Bon voyage. Stay safe and enjoy your trip.

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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