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Butterfly Lara Casanova


Lara Casanova is an author, yoga teacher, circle facilitator, life coach and professional counsellor specialising in grief and loss. She also holds qualifications in Pilates instruction, remedial massage and various management modalities and is an animal enthusiast and true heartbreak and grief survivor. Through her holistic outlook, seeking nature, self expression, qualifications and experiences she reaches those struggling on challenging journeys to realise their true potential. She is passionate about not only healing from heartbreak but using the traumatic experience as a learning tool and a gift to visualise, create and springboard to a brand new fresh shiny life.

Lara spends her time creating, writing, swimming, walking, at yoga, travelling mostly to Italy, coffeeing with friends and family and at the dog park with her two fur children Pippy and George.

Through her books, yoga teachings, consultations, circle gatherings, Ecourses and blogs her purpose is to provide inspiration, healing and transformation, teaching how to live a deeply rich and abundant life filled with LOVE – TRUTH – PURPOSE & PEACE – HAPPINESS – JOY.

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Professional resume

Yoga teacher training Level 1 & 2, 650 hours (Shantarasa Yoga Darshana),
Restorative Yoga Level 1 & 2, 50 Hours (Spirit of Yoga), 
Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 & Level 2 (Lifeflow)
Meditation Teacher Training online program (1GiandMind)
Teaching Certificate in Guided Effortless Meditation (Centred Meditation)
Teaching Certificate in Self-Directed Effortless Meditation (Centred Meditation)
Dynamic Alignment 10 hours (Neal Ghoshal)
Sistership circle facilitation Level 1
Dip Life Coaching – Specialty Stream – Health and Wellness,
Dip Prof Couns – Advanced Study – Grief and Loss,
Dip Remedial Massage,
Cert IV Pilates Instruction, Cert in Senior First Aid,
Dip Pract Mgt, Cert IV TAA, Cert IV Small Business Management,
Cert IV Accounting, Cert IV Frontline Management


Pink glyph

Butterfly In the PINK

The term “In the pink” was coined in the 16th century and over time has evolved to mean in perfect health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Life in the Pink was created from a deep felt passion to form a community helping you heal, transform and inspire along your journey in life.

We wish to help others live an authentic life, following their souls purpose encapsulated by self love.

We have an even bigger desire to make small but profound changes to the world in its entirety. Each small change you embrace and put into action has a direct impact on the people you love and surround yourself with. It can also have an even further reach without your knowledge.

Life in the pink is passionate about: 

  1.  LOVE – Walking  through your grief heartbreaks whilst building self love
  2.  TRUTH – Unearthing your authentic self
  3.  PURPOSE – Discovering your life purpose and living your dream



BLACK-swirl-Life in the Pink

Miss Suzy & Pippy

Here at Life in the Pink we are also passionate about all animals, but in particular dogs. We are graced every day to share our world with adoring, loyal, funny and amazing furry friends. They come to us rich in love and lessons, to help teach and guide us every day.

They are in our lives for such a short period of time so it is important to stop and enjoy the moments you have with them, because, they go past too quickly.

Please share in my pink passion for animal’s and if you are blessed to have been given a furry friend to share your life with please give them the life and love they deserve. Remember to regularly stop doing and just be with them and appreciate the small moments they give us. Enjoy every PINK woof!

My canine companions, best friends and teachers are Miss Suzy and Pippy the white Golden Retrievers, and who feature on this page and share their wisdom from a dog perspective. They brighten my every waking moment and I hope they share in brightening this page.

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Photography of Lara courtesy of Sona Sood at Real Moments Photography

Photography of Suzy and Chelsea (My late black Labrador)  courtesy of Kerry Martin at Puppy Tales Photography 

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