Are you living your life purpose?

What is your life purpose? Is it clear as mud and painted in hot pink on the forefront of your mind with a plan, roadmap and goals to follow, to take you to that warm and happy place? Probably not.

If not, are you hoping and on your knees praying your life purpose will just appear, all on its own or are you actively out there seeking it? Probably not.

Comfort zones

It is so easy for us to live in our comfort zones or, as I put it, living in our uncomfortable comfort zones. Like ground hog day, we get used to doing the same thing over and over and use chocolate or other forms of comfort foods or actions, to provide us with a reward or something fun or yummy to help us deal with our daily drags or hope they will numb us out. Follow your roadmap

We may dream of sitting on a desert island, or day dream about winning the lottery and living our dreams but we often use this as a pie in the sky dream, rather than a plan taking us on an amazing road trip to our actual life purpose and our new reality.

Eating an elephant

As the saying goes “Eat the elephant one bite at a time” and in seeking our life purpose, we couldn’t be closer to the truth and can follow the same philosophy right to our shiny purpose.

You cannot sit here one day and hope without any planning to be living your life purpose tomorrow.

It is a journey of self discovery and hard work, it is a process of elimination, and it is an exercise in getting to know you.

It is trying and failing or flailing, getting up with a burst of energy and trying all over again and again and again till you find it.

When you find it you will know. Life is different, it flows; you have a sense of purpose and feel strong and driven to succeed and start to deliver your life purpose to the world whether it be big or small.

You have more energy, you have a spring in your step and a groove that oozes charisma from the inside out. Others can sense your purpose and want some of what you’ve got.

Your purpose may be being the best mum in the world and bringing up beautiful well behaved and well balanced children, or, it could be being an advocate for animals, or it could be starting a business called Life in the Pink. It is whatever gives you the awesome feeling of being purposeful.

Starting somewhere

If you don’t know what it is. That’s ok. Don’t be hard on yourself just get busy and get started in finding out.

Start todayGet up off the couch, put away the chocolate and get busy getting started on seeking what your purpose is. Do what you need to do to find it, keep busy and keep believing that you will find it and continue to believe in you.


It took me twelve years of dabbling, studying, failing, flailing, getting excited, letting myself down and spending lots of money.

Then one day all my preparation and years of seeking presented to me my purpose on a platter. A hot pink platter.

It was just so easy once I was there and so obvious in hindsight. But, It took me twelve years of planning and journeying. It was a journey. At times it was hard and hopeless. Other times I thought I was there then I knew I wasn’t.

Now I am there, I know it. I feel it. I am grateful for it. I can’t wait to work on it, and grow it.

My road was paved with snippets of treasures and hints of where I should head and what I should do next.

One day many years ago I sat at my desk and created a book cover in hot pink called “Handbags, High Heels and Happiness” I printed it off and put it in my in tray. (Where it still resides)

Many years later, Two months ago I launched a book with a hot pink cover called “Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness”.

What I thought was a pie in the sky dream, I never thought I could really write a book, despite wanting it more than anything, is now my new reality and writing this blog today still gives me goosebumps knowing I have achieved this.

I have created my dream, my purpose. My contribution to the world is, sending out positive vibrations helping in any tiny way to restore faith and make the world a better place.

If I can change just one person’s day or life my contribution is all worth it.

Living your life purpose

It is possible. Look around at the people living their dream, they are out there. You can be one of them too. Use their secrets and let them be a role model to guide you to find yours.

Here are the secrets they would share with you if you asked how to live your life purpose.

The secrets

  • You need to accept it may be hard work
  • You need to take responsibility for your life
  • You need to believe in yourself
  • You need to know yourself
  • You need a plan, a goal, a vision
  • Find your purposeYou need to take one step at time
  • You need to work each step and stop yourself from getting overwhelmed
  • You need to get up and start somewhere
  • You need to allow your purpose to unfold
  • You need to take a few risks
  • You need to allow yourself to dream BIG
  • You need to listen to your Inner Pink Star
  • You need to allow your Lady Chitter Chatter to have her say, thank her and trust in your Inner Pink Star
  • You need to listen to the love not the fear swishing around internally
  • You need to follow your heart (Not anyone else’s just yours)
  • You need to do whatever you need to do workwise in the meantime to survive financially
  • You need to work on it in the background until it can sustain you full time
  • You need to start today

Start today and you never know what may unfold tomorrow, next year or in twelve years’ time.

You can make anything happen if you believe, love yourself and be true to yourself.

Next week I will talk about ways to actually find your purpose.

This week you just need to get comfortable with the fact you are about to become a seeker, and make a promise to yourself you will do what it takes to find your life purpose, live your dream and live your life to the fullest.

You get one life, make it count, erase your fears and regrets and start your magnificent journey into the reason you are here on this earth, because we are all waiting for you to shine your light and help mankind and humanity with your own special purpose.

Who is Life in the Pink

  1. HEARTBREAK – Walking  through your heartbreaks with self love- LOVE
  2. HEALING  – Unearthing your authentic self – TRUTH
  3. HAPPINESS– Discovering your life purpose and living your dream – PURPOSE

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