Are your thoughts – Calm or crazy?

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch you actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

Watch your thoughts..

How you stride through your day, build and connect with others and relish life and all its gloriousness, really does relate back to your thoughts.

Thoughts, those contemplations that swim and splash around in the corners of your mind creating waves of discomfort and pain or calm seas of joy and happiness.Let it go

Feelings about yourself, judgements about others, views on life, deep seated core beliefs you hold from childhood, opinions you have built over the years, deliberations you have in your head, reflections you ponder on, concepts you create, theories you think, inspirations you ignite, plans you make.

ALL = thoughts


No wonder it’s so very busy up there in our grey matter.

The question is though. Who holds the remote control? Are you feeling calm or crazy?

If only there was a cute grey matter remote control with two little pink switches.

1. ON positive thoughts only.

2. OFF stillness and quiet.

Instead we have three options and most of the time no way of consciously knowing how to use the remote control, it rules and runs rancid at its own rate.

The negative thoughts. Can be constant and often chaotic, doing the rumba in our heads causing us relentless stress and anxiety. Often dropping in when we least expect it and want it.

The positive thoughts. Can be fleeting and sought after creating happiness, joy and enthusiasm for life. They often are elusive and short lived.

The stillness of thoughts. Can create that beautiful space to BE our true selves and savour in the tranquillity, calmness and peace that surfaces from the quiet.

So, its your choice.

Are you able to choose your thoughts?

Or are you taken hostage by your monkey mind?

The monkey swings all over the place and has you feeling out of control, the little ugly monkey is in charge. You are taken quickly and often unconsciously swinging from the thought branch to the feeling branch that lay waiting underneath.

In an instant you can move from happiness to doom. Feeling befuddled as to how it even happened.

Picture this..

You wake up, its morning and for a micro minute things feel good, the thoughts are silent and you feel happy. You roll over in bed and appreciate the warmth and the safeness.

Within moments your mind catches up, you are awake. The thought rumba dance picks up its pace and you are straight into the mindset of questioning, your day, your career, your behaviour, your happiness, your actions, your ability to cope, sometimes just your everything, taking you away from your precious happiness.

You seek and search and create more stress trying to find that moment you just experienced where everything was lovely in the world. It’s disappeared, for what seems like forever.

Your thoughts spiral and before you have even got into the shower you happiness has depleted and you are concerned for your day ahead, hoping coffee and chocolate will suffice to replace your happiness.

I will let you in on a secret

You ALWAYS have a choice what you think and in turn what feelings are then created.

I don’t mean to be patronising I know it’s hard. Sometimes it’s more than hard it’s actually really bloody hard.  I know it’s a constant slog and a tumultuous task to train your mind and make it work for you. But it is possible.

Make a promise to yourself.

Firstly create awareness and

Secondly to take the reins and the remote control back – kick the monkey to the curb

Take responsibility today and slowly over time you will notice a difference. You will start learning about your thoughts, you will notice a change in your feelings and one day you will feel lighter and freer.

This week’s Pink exercise to help you with your thought dance.

  • Stop and breathe, deeply and slowly – OFTEN
  • Keep a thought diary for the week and record your thoughts and what pre-empted  a negative feeling. Look for patterns.
  • Contemplate if you have any common false beliefs below. If you tick yes to any of these below, consider the irrationality and the destructive consequences it takes on your life. Look for a new and more rational belief to replace it with.

I must be loved or liked and approved by everyone I meet
Everyone should think like I do
I must be perfect and never make a mistake
Other people should never make mistakes
I should be happy all of the time
My life should be free of conflict
I must always please everyone, I can never let anyone down
My happiness depends on others
Life should always be fair
Other people should do what I want
Everyone needs to understand me
Everyone needs to agree with me
I can’t change the way I am.

  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom Read more here
  • Take up a short meditation or yoga practice daily. When combining this into your daily life, the benefits you gain from your practice will spill into your everyday life. Read more here about finding your soulmate workout.

There are many many ways to enhance your thinking, create more space in your mind and a stillness that equates to peace and harmony. Above I have just a listed a few to get you started.

My wish..Wish

My wish though, is for you to create self awareness and for you to realise the importance and the beauty of having stillness and positivity and then creating the belief that it is all possible.

Once you have this self belief, passion and hunger for peaceful and positive thoughts you will move heaven and earth to find them.

You will alter your lifestyle to become the person you wish to become and that is when the miracles start to appear.

Make a vow to yourself today to be the hungry, passionate thought protector and be the happy and healthy version of yourself that lays deep underneath, eagerly waiting  to come out and shine her true self  and  gorgeousness to the world.

You can read more about Lady Chitter Chatter (Our negative voice) in my new book – Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness. Visit Book Depository HERE.

With Pink love and respect, Lara, Suzy and Chelsea. xx


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