Big Bold Decisions

To get a new puppy or not to get a puppy, that was my dilemma. Overwhelmed by choice and options I was turning in a stressed out wreck for the period of a few weeks before I stopped seeking outwardly for the answers and started to look a little closer to home, my heart.

The Vet clinic

Working at a Veterinary clinic means I get tons of dogs all shapes and sizes parading around the waiting room waiting to be met, have a pat and fed treats.

They come in with their big brown manipulative doggy eyes and I fall for it everytime, one more treat and one more hug. The dogs smile with happiness and reward me with a tail wag from heaven.Love dogs

If I could house all the dogs in the world, protect them from harm and make sure they all lead a happy and healthy life that would be me.

If I can add to a dogs happiness if only for a day while they are in the clinic I am happy.

I’m the one my family doesn’t really want to walk with as I have to stop and say hello to all the dogs walking past.  I often find myself being left behind from the people then catching up with extra dog slobber attached to me.

And, so it was..

Golden RetrieverAnyhow, it was about 18 months since I had lost my old best friend Max the Golden Retriever, I still had Suzy my other Golden but my heart was calling out for another dog, a friend for Suzy and new fur child for me to bestow the extra love I had to give.

Puppy Golden Retrievers are a little piece of furry heaven and I wanted one. But something didn’t feel right, a part of me was holding me back. My stress levels were high from dealing with other responsibilities and I wasn’t sure I had the time to train a mischievous yet loving new puppy. I had no idea what to do. Just in case I put myself down on a breeders waiting list. (Picture here is Suzy.


Big bold decisions can transform our lives. They reset our path. They alter our being. They give us a different experience. They expand our comfort zones. They invigorate us. They excite and enthuse us. They build our confidence and self esteem. They make our life rich and full. They bring peace to our lives. They can take us out of a rut and gently place us on our path to our calling. They make us a better person.

Being here as a human being we get to fully experience the human experience and as part of that experience we get to make decisions around our life and our path.

Sometimes we make great decisions ones that have us literally jumping for joy and dancing on coffee tables.

Other times we feel we made terrible decisions that have us throwing ourselves face down on our bed crying rivers of tears or just trying to manage the anxiety or anger. But you know what, they all help us grow. The good and the bad decision of yesterday make you who you are today.

The good decisions take us to a new and richer place, the so named bad decisions teach us a lesson and enable us to make more good decisions.

Just BE through the decision, removing the drama and over analytical thinking around a bad decision allows more space to rethink and decide again.Just BE

The moment in time we are in now becomes the past in only a second, to live in the moment we need to remain calm, ditch the drama and focus on the lessons learned and the good that awaits us if we remain as positive as we can.

Indecision is also a decision that leaves you in ambiguity and pain. Decide!

Process then proceed from pain to purpose with a big bold decision

How to make a decision.

  • Get information
  • Ponder your options
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Pros and cons
  • Short list your options
  • Consider finances if relevant
  • Sit and reflect
  • Ensure its coming from your heart
  • Make the decision
  • Plan and action

The decision

Eventually Feeling stressed I decided to sit in a meditation and ask my inner wisdom. As hard as it was to sit still with my mind on its spin cycle of thoughts. I finally just sat and I asked myself the question. Do I get a new puppy?

Throughout the meditation when I could eventually rest my mind from the over analytical chitter chatter, I had my decision. Yes I wanted a puppy, they are so cute but I knew this was not the right time. There would be another right time in the future but not this time. So I took my name off the breeding list. I could feel with every ounce of by being this was the right decision as sad as it was. It’s hard to explain but when it feels right you just know.Inhale exhale

My meditation however did tell me that a second dog would be good just not a puppy. here I come.

It was midnight when I logged onto Pet Rescue scouring many doggy profiles I came across Chelsea the black Labrador, 13 years old and needing a home. I arranged to meet her the next day.

The next day she came trotting down my driveway with all her bravado, attitude, belongings, her lead and a toy looked me in the eyes and paraded straight down my hallway. That knowing glance was enough for me to know that she was my next fur baby, she was here to stay. I already had fallen in love at first sight and wanted to protect and care for her throughout her senior years.

The insight

Love from the dogYou see I didn’t really have to decide but when I quietened my mind enough put myself into the situation I just knew. A big bold decision when its right will just feel right. Drop the over thinking and proceed with just your heart.

You will feel light and at peace with the right decision. You feel a grace and a knowing. This knowingness will grow and teach you how to look out for it next time, when other big decisions need to be made.

Chelsea has to be by far the best and funniest dog ever and I loved her like my own from the minute she arrived.

Love you Chelsea, you are the best big bold furry decision I have ever made. Thank you little black furry girl. Love you xx

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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