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Loss, Love and Lessons

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Grief, Grace and Gratitude

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Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness

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Loss, Love and Lessons

Pet loss brings both grief and love


A heartfelt story of love, grief and loss – yours and your pet’s – as you honour your furry, feathery or scaly friend. Loss, Love and Lessons guides you to follow the ‘paw prints’ on your heart, enabling you to heal your loss, feel the love and appreciate the lessons.

Allow Lara, a heart-centred grief counsellor, to accompany you through Loss, Love and Lessons as she shares from her personal and professional experience and knowledge on grief.  An array of tools, insights, reflections and exercises, interwoven with Lara’s own grief love story, are designed to help you on your healing journey.

Though grief cracks open your heart, this book guides you to continue to feel the love that shines down brightly from your pet angel at the Rainbow Bridge, bringing healing and peace. The unconditional love of two souls connected as one never dies!

The whole point is love!

  • Loss – Heal your loss as you meet the grief of losing your beloved pet. Surrender to the process as you allow your heart to spill over and connect to the unconditional love.
  • Love – Feel the love that lies deep in your heart as you journey through the tumultuous and often misunderstood grief journey. Learn tools and strategies to cope as you honour your pet.
  • Lessons – Appreciate the lessons your pet gifts you as you assimilate these into your own life. Go on to live a deep and rich purposeful life in their honour.

Without grief there is no love!

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Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness

Heartbreak is a lonely and frightening place to be !

Do you feel as if your world has crumbled around you? Is your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life sprawled like rubble on the floor, with you in the middle of it, lost and scared?

Are you hearing a resounding ‘YES’ coming from deep inside?

Allow Lara to accompany you on the journey through Heartbreak, via Healing and arriving home flourishing in Happiness. Share in her comforting array of self loving insights and tools, plus her very own raw personal experiences. Use her practical activities and exercises to help you move through the pain and suffering. Redesign and redecorate your life and heal any lingering hurts forever. Emerge feeling healed and happy with oodles of energy, eager to embark on your new, fun and exciting life adventure.

  • Heartbreak – Learn how to pick yourself up, transform through the grieving process, benefit from the lessons and create self love
  • Heartbreak – Unearth your true self and your inner wisdom. Befriend your inner critic and learn how to live a truly authentic life
  • Happiness – Expose, design and chase your passions, create your vision, map your goals and start living your soul’s desire and life purpose.

Flourish and live your individual version of happily ever after.

Love – Truth – Purpose

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Grief, Grace and Gratitude

Grief is an opportunity to open your heart!


A beautiful love story, yours and the author’s, walking together on the journey through Grief, Grace and Gratitude.

Allow Lara to accompany you to the epicentre of your pain and walk you safely out the other side to the love that awaits you. She teaches you how to transform yourself and find love, truth and purpose through the gifts and lessons of grief.

Opening your heart to an understanding of grief will open your heart to heal. Opening your heart to heal ultimately opens your heart to love again. Walk through the stages of grief and return home to your true nature with a zealous desire to live a rich and full life in your loved ones honour.

  • Grief – Trek through the raw grief, surrendering to the twists and turns of the grief journey, taking you straight to the love in your heart
  • Grace – Nurture yourself, prioritise your wants and needs, grow your self-love, follow your yearnings and unearth your truth
  • Gratitude – Reap the rewards of your grief journey and shine in the gratitude of your loved one’s life, enjoying the freedom to walk towards your life purpose.

Love – Truth – Purpose

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Butterfly Reviews – Loss, Love and Lessons 

Loss, Love and Lessons is really such a lovely book that will honour your pet and your grief. Lara certainly provides a soft place for anyone to land as they work through their grief journey. She has a real grasp on what can arise when we lose our pets and the intense bond of love that we have with them. Through her personal loss journey, her extensive experience in the veterinary industry and professional studies, she is the perfect person to write this book. I highly recommend it to help you on your grief journey. Dr Katrina Warren, Media Veterinarian and Presenter Founder, Wonderdog School

From reading this book, I saw that it is possible to process your own grief, learning to take responsibility for your grief journey, learning to forgive yourself and others, but then I think doing this alone can be like trying to learn surgery through a textbook. The process is much easier if you have a pet loss counsellor or mentor for the journey. Life is far too short to worry, be inauthentic or waste it away. I find myself in tears each time I read [the book] but whilst I notice that some of the tears are still grief, some are nostalgia, some are how quickly life passes us by and how quickly loved ones leave us and some are just outright love! I think it is essential reading for every veterinarian. Lara has a real grasp on what your clients are likely to be going through after they have lost a pet. I think it would be fantastic if every vet read this book, and even had a copy in the clinic which could be loaned to clients. Dr Michael O’Donoghue, founder of People & Pets

I’m a huge dog lover and can relate to this beautiful book. I wish I had access to this book when I lost my furbaby 20 years ago. It took me nearly 15 years before I could bring myself to have another dog. The grief is so intense and it’s not like back then you could really talk about pet loss because that wasn’t the thing people spoke about. Especially if that animal was your best friend! Lara really brings the process of love to the forefront and guides you through the loss by explaining her own experience. And I love the way she gave Max’s perspective. Love is really all there is, and our beautiful dogs are here to provide unconditional love and that’s what makes the journey so wonderful. Our furbabies are definitely our teachers and show us that love is the way and through Lara’s book we can seek peace and solace knowing that the connection remains forever in our hearts. I highly recommend this book – it will definitely help you. Mrs S Blair

As Lara writes, a dog is often more than a companion. So many memories of raising my children involved our dog Sammy, who grew up alongside them. Once the kids left home, Sammy stayed with me and we would reminisce about the times we spent as a family. The children would, I’m sure, sometimes come home to see her more than to see their Mumma! Little wonder then, that the grieving is for more than a pet, and different to grieving for a family member. It is recognising the passing of a whole phase of life. In Loss, Love and Lessons, Lara gives you time, and permission, to honour those memories, and to honour the unique place a dog has in your family. Alex Mitchell

I’m so very thrilled to have received my copy of my friend Lara’s new book ‘Loss, Love and Lessons’ and will be spending some quality time with it this weekend. Lara has many years experience in the veterinary industry and her words are from the heart. Her wisdom comes from both professional and personal experience and it also has a lovely forward written by Dr Katrina Warren. If you are dealing with the loss of a beloved pet I encourage you to visit Lara’s page In the PINK to order your copy. Donna

Loss, Love and Lessons is a book that will never leave your heart, memory or bookshelf. It helps, guides and explains how to process and move through your grief when you lose your best furry friend. The story of Max helped me connect to the author and how pets act, feel and stay in the moment. I particularly like the quotes throughout the book. They help to reflect while moving through the grief process. An excellent and lovely book, I  highly recommend it. Dail

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Butterfly Reviews – Grief, Grace and Gratitude

Grief, Grace and Gratitude is a beautiful and kind book that leads you through the process of grieving the death of a Loved One. It helps you understand the grief process by making sense of the array of emotions that are typically experienced. In a touchingly honest way, Lara includes her personal struggle with grief so you never feel alone; this book is like your  companion on the bewildering and often lonely journey through grief. Grief, Grace and Gratitude inspires you to face your grief head on, even when the experience is painful, all the while with the hope of healing and emerging transformed, full of precious memories.

Lara brings her experience as a professional grief counsellor and, throughout the book, encourages self-love and compassion, important parts of the healing process, and she includes practical tools designed to help achieve this. In a world where grief is often not openly discussed, this is a refreshing guide book to take you through one of the most difficult journeys of your life. I wish Lara’s book had been around when I was grieving a dear friend.”

Amanda Hayes, Founder of Amanda’s Wellbeing Podcast

Grace, Grief and Gratitude, I believe, is a one-of-a-kind book. Lara creatively, intuitively and practically guides her readers through the path of grief to the other side. She is spiritual yet realistic. Lara enhances her knowledge on grief recovery through sharing her own grief journey: the tears, the wisdom gained, the beauty, the love. A creatively-written fiction story interwoven throughout the chapters, based on Lara’s experience and those of her clients, assists readers to emotionally connect with the book’s knowledge and absorb it. While the book offers many practical tools, it offers a  soft, general spiritual approach that is deep and beautiful. Readers are emotionally supported on their journey with care and professionalism and will be infused with hope that the love they think they have lost is not lost at all … merely transformed … just as they will be – for the better. Wendy Stuart, Editor, Wendy & Words 

Grief, Grace and Gratitude is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Perhaps, like grief itself.  If you allow yourself to flow with it, these pages will open up opportunities to learn and grow through the grief process. As a final gift from your departed love one, you will emerge with more understanding, more love, and more insight to take on the rest of your life with deep passion. Alex Mitchell

Grief, Grace and Gratitude written by Lara Casanova, the second book published by this author. It is written with poignant memories of her father, briefing on past relationships and self growth depicted through her own lived experiences. The book guides the reader on a journey of self help and challenges patterns of thinking whilst moving forward through a journey of healing, ultimately striving for a peace and comfort of their own. Sue Lewis

Lara’s book Grief Grace and Gratitude is written from her soul and her heart. With compassion it will found a place in everyone’s heart where you cry and smile and begin to heal. Grief ,Grace and Gratitude will Tug at your heartstrings because you can relate your story as well. Most of all it helps you feel you can take on the world again. You are able to gain your strength and love again. Without grief you cannot love. ( this book travelled with me overseas ) and 10/10 it was an amazing read. It has helped me with my personal experience as well. Thank you Lara Xx Jude De Pasquale( née Furst )

I have read alot of books on grief, but your book is inspirational. I am truly drawn to your book. It inspires me to want to heal. I love, love, love this book. Debbie

I lost my uncle not too long ago and this book helped me surrender to the journey of grief and to remember and honor my uncle and his beautiful soul. Reading through Lara’s own experience and following her guidance to move through this difficult time really helped me. I would highly recommend this book – Lara’s wise words will inspire you. Mrs S Blair

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Butterfly Reviews – Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness

Lara Casanova’s book Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness is a truly special book.  As an editor I see a lot of writing, some of it engaging and some of it… less so. Lara’s book captured me with its heartfelt and yet practical approach.  What is immediately obvious is Lara’s understanding of the complexities of dealing with the end of a personal relationship. There’s no ‘toughen up and get over it’, and yet there’s no wallowing either. What Lara does is help you understand what’s happening, get to the bottom of the feelings, and then climb, step by step, out of the rubble of your old life and into something new. All the way through she manages to infuse her genuine caring, gentle humour and practical advice that make all the difference in readability as well as doability. Is that a real word? I’ll have to ask an editor. Alex Mitchell

Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness was a therapeutic and warming read for me.After completing this helpful, unique book I knew myself better, loved myself more and appreciated ‘me’ entirely. The author gently guided me to listen and be true to my inner voice. As I placed the book into my bookshelf I became a more improved version of myself. I particularly love the perfectly placed quotes throughout the book. I found these reflective, calming and thought provoking. I quite often pick up the book to read just a few pages. I have no doubt I will read this book many times! DD

Lara Casanova’s highly readable book  Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness is truly written from the heart.  It’s aim is to assist individuals find their true happiness after experiencing heartache.  Her inspirational book is part biography and part self help guide, where through implementing her esteem boosting activities, joy can be found.  Sprinkled with quotes from famous identities. “Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness” is a brilliant starting point for those seeking a life of happiness. CG

Currently in a strong and loving relationship, I wasn’t sure if this book would be useful. But I realised that all of us have experienced heartbreak in different ways. The principles Lara shares are valuable tools to use for many personal crisis situations in life.
The series of metaphors used in each of the steps to guide recovery from heartbreak are easy to comprehend and apply to real situations. The practical exercises really assist to bring clarity to what can be an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes, even despair, of life never being great again. A practical guide written with such positive energy that leaps from the pages. Maree

Lara has been able to provide a true practical compass for those who find themselves in a relationship which has gone sour and are tormented by the thought of how they will now cope. She has an easy read style of writing and provides the reader with some down to earth exercises to point those suffering in the right direction to come out of the mist into a bright ‘pink’ path ahead. I enjoyed the journey immensely. Mark

I bought Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness after I found myself heartbroken, it’s definitely helping me heal and process my thoughts awareness and emotions, I can’t wait to get home tonight and write in my journal. Thank you again. SD

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