Coping in a harsh world

Whilst appreciating and revelling in the love and beauty in our world I still often find myself contemplating how to live with the chaos and destruction that prevails. I flounder between love and despair. I read and research then try to find any small strategy or epiphany that will prevent me falling into hopeless tears at every sad story of human destruction or animal cruelty.

I know many others that struggle the same plight and I hope to shed some light and assistance to all the sensitive souls who follow a similar path to me in their struggles.

A sensitive soul

I am particularly sensitive and love and honour that in me. It brings out a beauty in me that allows me to wander around the streets in love with nature, the plant life, the furry animals and the kind and happy people.Love and honour your sensitive soul

I deeply resonate with all the beautiful things in life and stop to feel and appreciate the moments from a deep soul space.

On the flip side however I read articles on the news and Facebook and collapse into a heap of tears at the cruelty humans deliver to other humans and for me I am particularly sensitive to how cruel the human hand can be to animals.

My sensitive nature means that my struggle with acceptance and coping has become even harder as I know more and see more.

I am the girl that will sit with dogs outside shops as they look stressed waiting for their owners. I have collected ducking’s from a creek as their mother took off, to take them to the vet for hand rearing. I scooped a dead cat off the road and taken it to a vet so we could identify it and call the owner rather than it being run over constantly.

I stop and pick up every stray dog I see to prevent them feeling fear and potentially getting hurt. In Rome I went and bought dog food and delivered it to the homeless dog owners on the streets. I stop in the supermarket isles and help older people if they look confused. I have been known to dispose of spiders but most other critters I find inside I will gently place in the garden for them to continue on their journey. These are only a few examples.

Purity innocence and vulnerabilityI believe animals are one of our blessings on this planet, they place their love and faith in us and we continue to let them down. They radiate innocence, purity and vulnerability and are taken advantage of because of it.

They demonstrate and shower humans with love and many are at the other end of violence and cruelty. Just look into their perfect brown eyes and you will see the love, make a promise to be there for them. Take a stand for the ones that give their lives for us that can’t.

Strategies to cope

1 Awareness

Create self awareness of what is happening, once you have the awareness turn off the TV, remove Facebook pages that display cruelty. Once you have the awareness you don’t need to be exposed to it every day in your newsfeed. This will only add to your despair.

I get that organisations tap into our despair to create awareness and use marketing techniques for donations with pictures for shock value and it works. Donate but delete the gory stories and the Facebook feeds. I have awareness, I know what goes on, but, I don’t need to see daily reminders of it only adding to my gloom and taking away my precious positive energy for creating love and change.

2. Acceptance

I will never accept what happens in the world in a true acceptance way. However I am starting to understand the world is the way it is. Bad people and bad things do exist and that will always be the case. Again though, every day I spend angry or upset just removes me from my purpose in life and my ability to create love, kindness and positive vibrations.

I want to live in the light and the love not the fear and to do this I need to find a form of acceptance so my light and love can shine and I can hold onto the belief that this can win out over fear, hate and rage.

3. Love and honour your sensitivity

Use it for good. Use it to discover your life’s purpose, find what brings your heart pure joy and go out and make changes to your world. These changes will translate into the world in its entirety. Being sensitive means you have been blessed with living a full and deep life.

Allow the deep soul experiences to blossom by allowing your feelings to be felt creating more space for big love and self expression, the world will benefit and be so grateful.

4. Send loving vibrations

Send loving vibrationsA wise person told me that the way they counter a cruel world is to send positive vibrational energy outwards. The humans and animals that suffer at the hand of cruelty do not need pity and sorrow they need love and light. When you see a sad story, digest and change your fear, anger and sadness into a ball of love and light and send it their way.

Pray and send hope for them, be strong where strength is absent and be positive when only negativity prevails. The world will feel your vibrational energy and act accordingly.

5. Take action volunteer or donate

Use your anger and your energy for good, volunteer or donate. Move out of your internal world into the world where others need it. Help, Help, Help. Pick your favourite causes and use your hands, time and money for good. There will be many thankful souls, furry or otherwise.

Minimising the suffering

I haven’t found all the answers but my reading and contemplations have moved to me to a place of a better understanding which translates to better coping abilities.

I would prefer to have the awareness and the sensitivity and pick up the dead cat off the road to give peace of knowing to the owner rather than wandering this life clueless, feeling less and cruising through life only on the surface yet coping well.

I believe that sensitiveness in people should be honoured and I believe the sensitive, soul seekers are put on this earth for special reasons and have important paths to journey and bigger, extraordinary things to do, to make big changes and help others and the world.

So, allow you sensitivity to be your guiding light, follow its path, shine it to the world and bring forth your individual transformations.Revel in the love and beauty

We are only human and it is normal to feel hopeless and get lost in despair, and it is important to feel our feelings.

However, I have learnt that getting lost in despair will only add to the amount of despair deep in yourself and in the world creating more confusion, loss, gloom and anguish to a world already full of it.

The way to minimise suffering is to see the light, transform your darkness into lightness internally by cultivating love, projecting kindness and compassion, sending out positive vibrational energy and walking this earth with composure and equanimity.

In living this way you will fall more in love with yourself and this love you have for yourself will translate outwardly and will enable you to shower more love and hope onto our world that is desperately seeking it.

So, be the person that helps the old lady in the supermarket, be the person that helps a lonely, wet and scared lost dog.

Just. Be, the person that is aware and is living in an inner world that wants change and that desires a better world and is also actively living a life to create it.

Don’t be in a hurry to fulfil the next thing on your to do list, be in a hurry to rein kindness and love on the world.The groceries can wait, the world and your soul cannot.

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx



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