Decisions from the heart

Following our heart straight to the right decision fills us with a warm fuzziness of knowingness, a deep inner knowing that makes us feel safe, comforted and at home in ourselves..

A decision make with the heart finds that peace and contentedness we elusively seek and sees it glimmering in our heart allowing our decision to settle into our entire being.

Pink HeartYour heart and your inner wisdom always knows what it wants, the mind and the ego are the naughty children that play games, sabotage you and make you double take and question at every turn.

It’s your inner wisdom that holds the secrets and the smarts to help direct you through your journey in life.

The heart sees anxieties and negative chitter chatter wither away. If only for a moment life slows down, you feel one with the universe and this allows you the appreciation of recognising, that with this decision you know unequivocally that you are on the right life path.

Conversely, trying to make a decision solely with mind can send a rattling and catastrophic earthquake of ifs and buts, an unbalanced swaying to and fro.

Doubts and inner chaos shatter your peace and leave you stuck in limbo unable to decide either way.

Your self esteem then plummets, your decision is harder to make and you become unable to make even the smallest of decisions. Frozen in ambivalence is a cold and painfully agonising place to be.

Connecting the mind to the heart and staying quiet enough to hear the heart can however be the tricky stuff.

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Some truths around decision making with the heart

Decisions that are right are not always easy

Making the right decision for your heart is not necessarily easy. You may have to face consequences and big changes in your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not always easy but boy it’s rewarding when you get there, living your authentic self is exhilarating and leads to a rich and full life.

The right decision can still make you sad

Making the right decision can still make you sad. You may want to hold on a little more and yet in the same breath want to let go. An inner tug of war could be happening internally. ContemplationSometimes you need to trust, have faith, jump and let go of something even if it is comfortable, then you can start on your journey to a better place. Avoiding a decision to avoid the sadness seriously restricts your growth, especially if every part of your being wants you to make that decision. Feel the sadness and cruise into your new found happy place.

It can take a while to work out the right decision

Sometimes it can take some time to make a decision. A small knowing, longing, or a feeling of uneasiness or uncertainty may be floating around in your heart before it becomes fully obvious what your heart wants. Listen to the signs and feel what you are longing for. Feel what your heart is wanting before it needs to start screaming at you in ways of panic attacks and anxiety to make you listen.

You don’t need to do everything at once

Feel and Heal -Be awareOnce you create the awareness of what you want and you have made your decision you don’t have to act on the decision today to quit your job, dye your hair pink or leave your partner. But now you are filled with a knowing of what you need to do. You can now start to integrate the mind and work out a sensible and responsible plan to bring it to fruition.

The more times you decide the easier it becomes

It really does get easier. For a muscle to get stronger you need to use it over and over. For your decision muscle to grow you need to make decisions. Big ones and small ones. Over time the more you make the easier it becomes and the quicker you arrive at your hearts destination internally.

There will be fear

Yes, there will be fear. Anytime you move out of your comfort zone fear arises to try and protect you. Face it front on, acknowledge it, thank it for its advice then walk straight through the middle of it. Fear doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong decision, it’s just fear and it’s always there when you challenge yourself.

You will feel lighter making the right decision

Lightness, liberation and joy start shining through when you make a decision. Hovering around in limbo for some time creates stress but once you make the decision a load is lifted and creates energy for you to go and life your new life.

How to make the decision with your heart

1.       Meditate

2.       Sit quietly with yourself

3.       Look to the heart not the mind

4.       Get outdoors and move

5.       Let you mind do its thing till its exhausted its options

6.       Journal truthfully your feelings, journal alot

7.       Talk to friends or family, verbalise it

8.       Close your eyes and visualise

9.       Think about your life values

10.   Step away from the mind temporarily focus on something else

11.   List the pros and cons

12.   Note any consequences or difficulties

13.   Make the decision

14.   Sit with the feelings around the decision

15.   Pay attention to your physical responses – Do you feel openness and light or weighed down?

16.   Know there is never a wrong decision you can always make another one

17.   Allow the peace, lightness and brightness to encompass you

18.   Believe in yourself

19.   Enjoy it.

20.   Life it love it!

Big bold decisions are soul enhancing and small necessary decisions make the day go around smoothly.Just BE

You can make your life anything and everything you want it to be if you follow your magical heart and believe anything is possible.

Step into the fear and step into your new enchanting world, believe that with every decision you make the captivating ride of life only gets better and better and can exceed all your expectations.

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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