Delicious diamonds on turning 50!

“Happy Birthday”

“I’m not getting older, I’m getting better”


A shout out to all the Virgo September babies out there!

“Happy Birthday to you” Oohhh and to ME!”

Virgos are the absolute best, some of their fabulous traits include:Happy Birthday

Intelligent, Analytical, Precise, Introvert, Intense, Sensible, Serious, Practical, Realistic,  Loyal, Responsible, Down to earth, Cautious, Patient, Self disciplined, Dependable, Flexible, Adaptable, Balanced, Curious.

We also have our down sides but let’s not talk about them, we are pretty close to perfect…!

Other virgos sharing this star sign and turning the BIG 50 this year include, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jnr, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Matt LeBlanc (Friends), Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy), Guy Pearce and Lauren Graham (Gilmore girls), plus a whole host of people out there just doing their non famous thing. I am in great company.

Are you a Virgo? If so, you will understand what I am about to say.

Holding up all our fabulous Virgo traits can be totally exhausting at times and steal all our precious energy, I know from personal experience. We can focus on others and forget to take care of ourselves. We always want to do the right thing and forget what our soul is screaming for.

It’s all about the BALANCE!

So, I turned 50 last week, the celebrations lasted the entire week. It was exhilarating, fun, special, gratifying, memorable, hysterical, loving and a little exhausting all at the same time.

I had an intimate dinner party with family and friends rather than a big party like I have thrown many other years. It was fabulous having my family and a few friends to share it with. I felt like a princess and so I wore a tiara, I laughed all night so I wore some silly pink glittery huge plastic pink glasses and I danced the night away so I wore a pink boa. Props are so much fun even at 50.Cherish your milestone

There were Conga lines and dirty dancing jumps and catches. My inner child definitely made an unabashed appearance alongside all the other inner children that came to play on the night. Often we keep our silly sides tucked up tight while we hold down our serious and responsible 50 something lives (or maybe only 40, or if you are lucky 30) but not this night.

I constantly have to learn about balance, I love having fun and exuding alot of energy and forget that suddenly I can get to the point I need to drink water, stop and relax because I have given to much, I literally run out of steam like a wind up doll. Plus I am 50 now I can’t hold it all down like my 20 year old self, nearly but not quite.

The recovery

It has taken me a week to recover from the frolicking, the energy output, the crazy non stop laughter, the food and a few champagnes BUT it was all so worth it, one week of celebrations and one week of rest = balance.

I am one lucky 50 year old and feel I am accepting my aging gracefully. It is after all just another day in a life and another number yet more importantly an opportunity to live in the miracle moments surrounded by your loved ones.

Reflecting after the event one week later when my energy has slowly returned finally, today I feel normal again. lol. I feel a little sad it’s all over because that meant it was soooo over the top fabulous. I am however basking in the glow of my friends and my life.

Biggest learnings

The biggest thing I have learnt in the last year is that there is no use living a life busy busy running around trying to get everything done in one day and feeling stressed out to the max. That’s not life, that is a chaotic spinning wheel nightmare, which believe me I have lived, so, no judgement.

It’s not the material things (Although the pretty pink dress is nice to have) we own it’s about the people we surround ourselves with who are a mirror of ourselves. If your friends are beautiful, groovy, special, talented, fun, kind and loving take a better look inside because no doubt you are too and you just haven’t fully acknowledged it yet.

It is a fact one day we will not be here anymore, that may be tomorrow or in 50 years time, and when I think about this deeply it’s about being here now, right NOW. Not worrying about a point in time that may never come to fruition and when it does it will most likely pan out differently than you expect and worry about anyway.

Don’t worry about what may not even ever happen at the sacrifice of missing the moment that is staring you in the face right now desperately waiting and begging to be acknowledged and lived to its full enjoyment capacity.

Live for today!

BEIt is all about being in this one day, one moment, living it like it’s your last. Today I was driving to an appointment and a negative thought stream started to take over as I was pondering a late arrival. Then I thought, really i’m 50 so what if I run late for a little late for an appointment or miss it altogether, in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you walk gracefully through life respecting yourself and others and truly, fully living it. Of course, I wasn’t late in the end I actually never am, but I am going to try extra hard to be late next time and see how it feels I am sure the world will still turn. (Just kidding Virgo’s don’t do that kind of thing).

It’s about wearing your best clothes or your daggiest ones whichever you feel like, blow drying your hair into a top knot or scraping it together in a messy rush, wearing the veil of responsibility whilst simultaneously shrouding yourself in a silly session and laughing hard amidst the tears.

Just truly live it! 

Laugh, love hug and hold!

Pink glyph

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children, Suzy and Chelsea xx


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