End anxiety & regret – Live in the present moment.

The present moment is where life is full of energy, vigour, aliveness and connection to self, so, why do we spend so much time living in the past, the future or in any form of distraction that removes us from this amazing present moment reality.

Being in the moment is the key to reducing your anxiety and living your best life, so, learn the keys to being fully present in the moment and you will relieve your mind of the torturous flow of thoughts that disrupt the peace and calm that you are seeking.

It’s simple

It’s really quite simple but extremely difficult in the same breathe, millions of people struggle daily to achieve the present moment gift while others remain clueless to its benefits and don’t realise it’s the resolve of their unhappiness and discomfort.

Most of us live our lives with a resistance to the present moment, to our lives and how it is in the here and now.

“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”
Eckhart Tolle

Your mind is where the chaos originates. Your mind can be your best ally and yet your worst tormentor. It is a wonderful and powerful tool that we have been given to use for our benefit not our demise.Awareness

Letting your mind run rancid with no understanding or control is like having a naughty little child throwing tantrums all over the place.

To live a calm and peaceful life you need to understand your mind, learn how to control and discipline it and learn how to get the best out of your mind tool.

Your mind will determine if on a good day when you are sitting in the sun, you can appreciate the warmth on your skin or on a bad day you feel nothing, and instead, have a constant flow of anxiety and dread that wreaks devastation on your day and removes you from the sun that is shining down its warm rays and happiness.

The secrets

1.       Awareness is the first step – To be aware where you are spending most of your time. Living with guilt, regret, remorse, sadness, should have’s and bitterness is a clue that you are living too much in the past. The constant flow of “what if” thoughts, tension, anxiety  and worry is a clue you are living to much in the future. Peace, clarity and calm is a clue you have momentarily mastered living in the moment.

2.       Be open willing to learn. Once you are living with  a mind that wants to grow and learn you will attract and manifest things in your life that will present you with opportunities to grow. Become a seeker of new information, look for courses and books allow new information to sink in.

3.       Practice mindfulness. Look to your mind for its answers. Sit still and meet and greet your thoughts. Sit in the garden on a sunny day and just sit, no book, no phone and no friends. Often after a few minutes you are getting agitated and looking for a form of distraction. Stay sitting though, allow yourself to move through the discomfort whilst you are feeling the sun on your skin allow the feelings to be and experience them for what they are and how they flow through you.

4.       Look inside instead of outside for a change. Looking for meaning outside of ourselves will only ever fill you up for a short time. The initial positive energy buzz that you will find in a new relationship, new job, new house, new skirt, or career achievement will only fill you up for a short period of time and then you will go back to your original state. The more disconnected you become with yourself and the more pain that builds up inside, the more external things you will need to fill the void. Looking inside however will allow you to process your pain, move through your emotions and find that inner sanctuary that houses the love and joy that is waiting to surface. Redesign and redecorate from the inside out, not the other way around.

5.       Find your compassion and kindness. Be kind and compassionate towards others. Understand that everyone is going through different journeys. Drop the judgements and the labels and accept others for where they are at in their journey.

6.       Mirror. Learn from the moments. Where you find frustration in others and place judgement on others, look inside to see where this is affecting you. The way others react and behave only will affect and cause a negative reaction in you if there is something in you, that you need to be more aware of and heal. Find what it is, let the other person off the hook, deal with it in yourself, let it go, forgive yourself, do it all in the moment, be better, do better and move on.Make it simple

“Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.”

Eckhart Tolle

7.       Remove the negativity, complaining and gossiping from your life. If you don’t like something, handle it in the moment, do what you need to do and then let it go. Don’t spend hours rehashing what others have done and rein negativity on the poor unsuspecting recipient of your conversation. Take responsibility for projecting calm and niceness into your moments.

8.       Put yourself first. Treasure your body, the sacred vessel that carries you on this earth, support your mind with good thought food, nurture your spirit and nourish it with love. FInd and strengthen the connection with yourself. Eat well, rest, exercise, get some fresh air and manage your stress levels.

9.       Slow down. Be mindful and appreciate the moment. In the moment take care of yourself, be your best friend. Don’t allow the stress of situations, people and places to interrupt your flow. Leave the situations that cause you distress and if you are unable to leave it, change it and failing that, accept it for what it is and continue on in the moment.

10.   Remember that nothing is permanent. Every thought, feeling and situation is impermanent. As a good feeling and a high can be followed by a low, as can a low be followed by a high. Don’t judge the emotion just let it be.

11.   Let simplicity rule.

a.       Make it simple,

b.      Remove the difficulties,

c.      Cut out the stuff that doesn’t work,

d.      Reduce the to do list,

e.      Don’t try to do everything in one day,

f.       Do at least one thing for yourself every day.

12.   Breathe. Just breatheBreathe

13.   Meditation. Learn how to meditate and you will change your life as you know it.

The MOMENT in all its pink glory, if you befriend it will change your life.  Give yourself a gift of the present moment and revel in being alive and thriving in the life you have been given.

Remember to make the moments count because that is where life is lived. Move from pain to passion in the moment and enjoy the ride.

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you really have”

Eckhart Tolle

Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx




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