Floating into 2018

Welcome 2018

This week whilst funning and sunning at the river nursing disappointment as my torn hamstring prevented my from skiing, I pondered my entrance into 2018 versus the same time last year.

Reading over my post this time last year Read here , I was surrounded by negativity on Facebook and had to peek through the doom and gloom to find my own positivity. Maybe I was reflecting internally what was coming to me externally or the other way around? 1 year new opportunities

This year however is substantially different scrolling through my Facebook page I don’t see negativity insead I am surrounded by inspirational posts and friends and family sharing in the glory and blessings of their lives. Again, maybe I am reflecting internally what is coming to me externally or the other way around?

Last year I felt I had to find my strut to enter the new year whilst 2018 had me floating gracefully in for a soft landing feeling at ease with myself and my environment.

This has not come without alot of inner work, however!

2017 for me was a year for me. I took a sabbatical (Something we all need at some stage) and travelled to Italy, completed Yoga teacher training, wrote my second book and many other glorious things whilst starting to eliminate slowly my old busy busy mentality, that saw previous years filled with unrelenting stress, health issues and an inner unease.

2017 provided me with epiphanies galore and a sense of a rich and fulfilled life despite the ups and down my life ride took me on.

I have a sense that my 2018 will be a smoother yet as fulfilled year with the ability to finally bask in some of my inner work that I have delved in the last few years and it saw me singing and dancing with karaoke while the clock struck 12, truly feeling a sense of inner peace and happiness floating inside.


Remember, it’s in your reflections and solitude you can connect deeper to yourself, your space and your feelings and get a handle on exactly where and how you sit in your life.

Bringing your reality to the surface to heal any lingering hurts may seem difficult and scary but will reward you tenfold with an invigorated and peaceful feeling. It will return a sense of living and a desire to chase your dreams and goals with a content and solid feeling of self.

The one thing

One of the biggest things this year has taught me is that the sense of true inner joy does not come from chasing tick lists, being crazy busy and adding more and more things to your life to fill the voids. The joy comes from stopping the chaos and sitting in the stillness. Sit still to work out exactly who you are and what you want. Allow some of your responsibilities to fade away or a least slow down. Start today

Do you really want that corporate job or is that the persona that has just developed over years of chasing the alluring corporate dream. Having left the corporate world and taking time off, sitting in the stillness and days of quiet instead of busy offices has allowed me to find myself again and has highlighted the dreams and career I really want to chase.

You may not all have the opportunity to sit in a sabbatical but you can create mini opportunities to sit with yourself, to find the right path that has you oozing radiance and joy for your life. Everyone can find 10 – 20 minutes a day if you choose to make it a priority.

Surprisingly alot of the responsibilities, expectations and tasks we place on ourselves can be minimised. The floors don’t need to be vacuumed every day, you don’t need to cook fancy dinners every night, you can leave the dishes till tomorrow. So much we feel we have to do when really a little messiness in your kitchen is totally deserving of a 10 minute meditation or a game of Uno with the children.

Achievement junkie land is so overrated, unhealthy and really only a way to avoid or run away from our inner darkness and scary thoughts and emotions.

The land of stillness and quiet whilst still housing fun and excitement is like sitting on an island with the beautiful clear blue sea inviting you inwards.

Stop DOING so much and start doing more of the BEING!

Top intentions in a nutshell for 2018

Build a list of the top 10 intentions for your upcoming year and check in each month. Mine goes something like this

  1. Sit comfortably in the good and the not so good
  2. Feel all emotions to their fullest, allow the love and joy to surface
  3. Discover more about your world
  4. Chase your dreams…Live your life purpose
  5. Build relationships..
  6. BE SLOW..Drop the achievement junkie – Be you!
  7. Anchor in the present moment, honour the past, strive for the future – But be present
  8. Listen to and CHERISH your body
  9. See connection MIND, BODY and SOUL – Thrive
  10. Radiate positivity – Drop the negative – Drop the gossip – Only speak the positive!
  11. Have fun.. Live life..
  12. Yoga every day
  13. Watch out for all the furry creatures

It’s soooooo important to evaluate our lives to live the fullest life possible.


now it’s your turn!

Questions for 2018

  1. What were the best things that happened to you this year?
  2. What were the worst things that happened this year?
  3. What are the biggest things you learnt this year?
  4. Do you feel richer today than this time last year?
  5. Have you stopped to applaud what you have achieved?
  6. What do you want for this time next year.
  7. What are you top 10 intentions for this year.
  8. What changes do you intend to make to make them happen.

Good luck.. BIG PINK Happy new year..

Feel the good and the bad, live in the moment. Live with Love – Truth – Purpose. In the Pink.

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children, Suzy and Chelsea xx


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