Heeding your heart’s voice

Following your heart makes life rich, full, enjoyable and fulfilling. This joyous feeling then spills out to the loved ones around us and compliments our behaviours and our relationships.

However, despite knowing this in theory, applying this in our real world becomes a difficulty for many.

Trudging to our office jobs waiting for our long service payout, remaining in our comfort zones can become the norm, this can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown and general unhappiness and unease.

Writing a pro and con list and weighing up the happiness scales to help make our life decisions is an activity repeated over and over, except a lot of the time it remains unactioned and thus, we remain in our comfort ruts. Flow with life

We have a good day and we make all sorts of plans and try to convince ourselves that we will make the change, we feel the excitement and then just as quickly the excitement dissipates as our negative inner voice tells us that we can’t do it for whatever reason. So, we retreat back into our turtle shells and don’t allow our true light to shine. Slowly we become a slave to the voice rather than a victor and a friend to our true inner voice.

Are you in an uncomfortable comfort zone? If so, why?

1.       Do you know what your heart truly wants but feel too afraid to listen and follow your instincts?


2.       Do you have no idea what your heart wants to do or where it wants to go?

Either way without committing to yourself wholeheartedly you will remain in the abyss of fog and unhappiness and remove potential opportunities that can add joy to your days.

You live once! This is not a rehearsal, so, every day you remain locked in the trudge you simultaneously remove any deliciousness you could be experiencing from your life.

Listen to your heartI’m not saying its easy. Making a change brings consequences and other challenges, and sometimes it’s really hard. You have to come face to face with your true self, your vulnerabilities, your fears and the then take a BIG leap of faith.

But, I am saying it is entirely possible, actually its more possible than you think. We make life way to complex and really its quite simple.

Listen, follow your heart, be responsible and then jump. Plus it’s a lot easier to action before you have hit rock bottom. Trust me.

Tips to follow your hearts voice


When you start to feel that niggling feeling that something is not quite right, start looking for other opportunities and put plans into place, rather than leaving it to the last minute.

Upskill always

If you hit rock bottom and need a new job tomorrow but have no new skills this won’t be possible. Get a job, learn the ropes then continue to upskill study or learn new things. When you need a change you will have new skills to be able to take to a new role with you.

Be adventurous 

Get out there and join clubs, meet people, try different things. Expose yourself to the world and allow your inner being to experience things and then feedback information to you on if it is a good fit for you. Don’t should on yourself just feel the experience, be immersed in its flow and allow your heart to decide if it’s for you.

Be still and quiet and listen to yourself

Carve out some time each day just for you. Be still, be quiet and listen. If that’s to hard and your inner voice become a playground bully seek some help in taming her and befriending her. Be kind to yourself by appreciating yourself and allow your heart to surface and share what she wants and needs with you.

Believe in yourself

Always have faith in your journey and believe that you can. Build your self esteem and confidence. Anything really is possible if you believe it to be so. Don’t allow others to knock you off your confidence perch, sit there with pride always believing in YOU.


Go out and give back to the world. Find the areas that you want to make an impact on. Where do you want things to change? Then go and help. Get your foot in the door so your heart can work its magic where it’s needed.

Honour yourself

Honour YouLove and be true to yourself. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Value your mind, body and soul. If you find you are treating yourself poorly seek help on how not to. Speak nicely to yourself, think good thoughts, feed your body well, ensure others treat your entire being with respect. The more you respect yourself the more others will respect you also.

Make a decision

Sometimes you need to make the decision. See sawing back and forth on a decision can do damage to our self esteem. Make the decision move forwards you will know straight away if the decision is wrong. If so, it’s not the worst case scenario you can change paths again. Sometimes it’s a process of elimination before you find your happiness peak. But to stay in one place in unhappiness will never take you to that peak.

Pink glyph

10 good reasons to do so

  1. You will be happier
  2. You will get better at listening to your heart
  3. You will make better decisions
  4. You will be less cranky
  5. You will start living your true purpose
  6. You will live more in the flow
  7. You will suffer less anxiety
  8. You will have more energy to love yourself and others
  9. You will be more authentic
  10. You will gain more respect for yourself

Your inner voice and heart know the way, stop and listen, allow your heart to surface and walk you directly to your inner joy and happiness. You will know when you have found her because you will feel light and happy, kind of in flow with yourself and the universe. It will feel easy.

Good luck. Trust, jump. Then go live a life in the PINK

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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