Instant pick me ups when the world gets you down

An upsetting week

This week everywhere I turned there seemed to be worldwide tragedy or horrific incidents at my door step, or popping up in my Facebook news feed. Many and varied occurrences including a local murder of a wife and two young innocent children, to a beautiful silver back Gorilla losing his life from a terrible accident, to innocent, loving and terrified dogs being used as bait and made to fight for human gain.

A Pilates class

Inhale exhaleBy Thursday, I had had enough, I walked into Pilates checked my phone and the dog fighting article tipped me over the edge, My emotions took over and a surge of tears appeared as I wondered, as I have done before, how its possible to exist and remain positive in a world where such dreadful and sad events happen. Some days it really can get too much for me, and it takes all my strength to find my way back to balance, calm and acceptance. But I do and so can you.

Shedding pent up tears

Once I had gathered my tears, I exited the bathroom and entered the hot yoga room laying on the mat, trying desperately to find solace, a moment of peace and seeking a way to find acceptance of our world. Meanwhile my emotions were still in overload, and the tragedies and thoughts about the vulnerable souls were busily running over and over and around in my mind.

Four pick me ups

In the next hour or so, I found four pick me ups that worked for me. Unfortunately there were not chocolate, wine, Tim tams and ice-cream, although these may work as a short term unhealthy option. On this occasion however, I took the healthier choice.

1.       Feeling – I may have looked a little emotional if anyone saw me, as I navigated my way to the ladies toilet to hide my tears and disappointment in our world, but when I read the dog fighting article a huge welling of emotion was coming up from inside. Knowing that suppression is very unhealthy, I decided to take the healthy option and let it flow, I still had 15 minutes before the class started. A moment or two, of crying to let the emotions surface, flow and clear from my body allowed me to find a little calm. My crying ended naturally leaving me feeling a little better. I was able to express, process and let go of the emotion walking out a little red faced but ready for my downward dogs in the yoga class.

2.       MeditationNamasteI lay on the mat before the class started and did a hot room mini meditation. By that I mean I closed my eyes, relaxed my body and let me mind slowly calm, by concentrating on my breath inhaling and exhaling. As I inhaled and exhaled I consciously allowed my thoughts to come and go. I practised observing my thoughts and not attaching to them. I let them flow through me. Each time a new one was presented to me I observed it, and then I let it go. This took abit of practice as my mind was reasonably chaotic, but after a few minutes I had got back into the meditation bliss and was able to acknowledge the thoughts and then let them go. I was able to find the stillness and the peace underneath the emotion.

3.       Gratitude – As I was nearing the end of the class I reminded myself of all the good in the world. Sometimes we get so caught Furry cuddleup in the bad we forget to focus on the good. I remembered the beautiful large Dogue de Bordeaux dog that was in our vet clinic during the day. I Remembered how he happily became friends and played with Herbert our tiny young clinic adoption kitten. They had a marvelous time and there was such innocence and love in their actions, and it was a magic moment to watch. I also reminded myself of my own beautiful dogs and how they bring immense joy and love to my life. I realised there were so many things in my life to be grateful for and this helped take me away from feeling negative and instead slowly created droplets of positivity internally once again.

4.       Giving – After the class I made a donation to the Animal Welfare League, one of our local animal shelters. I decided a gift to them was worth so much more to me that a new item of clothing. It is winter here and there are a lot of cats and dogs in need. Even whilst all the bad incidents happen in the world, we can’t always change them but we can be a beacon of light and hope in the good things we do. We can be a role model to our friends, families and children, one person can make a little bit of a difference. So I decided it was better to give and try and reduce the hardship and terrible events that happen instead of just feeling miserable about it. Taking action and giving helps us to feel better.

So in summary

  1. Feel your feelings
  2. Meditate, inhale exhale and don’t attach to your thoughts
  3. Be grateful
  4. Take action and Give

The following day

The next day I woke up and reflected on the night before. I still struggle, sometimes a lot, reading about tragic circumstances and events around the world however, my pick me ups helped me from spiraling further into sadness and negativity. Plus it gave me another experience and a chance to practice using the tools in my tool box that are there to help during these times.

Getting familiar and utilising these tools will help pull you out of an emotional slump. You do have a choice, take responsibility for your happiness, don’t stay in victim land, practice makes perfect.

So next time you are struggling and in an emotional pothole floundering about, pull out your four pick me ups and see if you can make a different choice and move yourself back to a peaceful positive mindset.

Questions to ponder.

  • What do you need to feel and release?
  • Do you allow yourself to feel your feelings?:
  • What are 5 things you are really grateful for?
  • How can you take action and give?
  • Have you practiced your meditation today, even if only for 5 minutes?

Last week we learnt the first step to healing is “Awareness”. You can read more here. Next week we will learn about the second step in the healing process. “Taking responsibility”

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