Internal bliss with 20 steps connecting your head and your heart.

Do you feel connected to your heart or do you feel like you are walking around with your head and your heart utterly detached from each other?

Many of us wander this earth disconnected from our inner selves, our heart, our soul, our spirit and consequently slowly bring on an anxiety disorder, a season or a lifetime of depression or even worse a serious illness.

The longer we choose not to listen and connect the worse the consequences may become and the harder and longer they take to heal, and in turn the more suffering you will endure.

Often, whilst this is happening internally we don’t know any different. To the doctor and the road of antidepressants we go or down the road to addiction and further internal destruction we travel.

We avoid, we distract, we cling to whatever we can to take us away from our suffering.

We seek at all costs to move away from PAIN and into PLEASURE regardless of the consequences.

Our suffering

Our suffering is what we believe is our internal destruction and we seek the removal of it at all costs, mostly in a destructive manner, not understanding at this stage that it is actually only our avoidance of our suffering that creates the avalanche of added suffering.

Unfortunately, in the west it doesn’t seem to be our natural culture or nature to seek a more fruitful solution and seek that ecstatic joy that lies beyond the suffering.

We often don’t have the time, the energy or the courage to sit still in ourselves, connect deeply, heal and step back into life thriving and flourishing.


It’s not until we experience our own personal cataclysmic event, and running away no longer serves us and we have no other place to look that we may tip over into that first moment where we look a little deeper and seek help in a more productive manner.

It’s when we implode, we feel so lost, sitting at rock bottom dwelling in our own nonsense that the epiphany can occur. We may sense inside a feeling that a big decision is needed.  A decision to move from seeking destructive measures to looking for more rewarding ways are happening if only at a subtle level.

When nothing else has worked and we feel we have fallen to the bottom of ourselves, this type of surrender often gives us stillness, if only for a moment that allows us to hear our heart calling for this rich transformation. This is when we know we have no other choice than to face our fears and suffering and go on our own internal pilgrimage seeking our answers.

It is at this point that if we walk head on into the suffering with courage and face our fear despite the inconvenience and the terrifying feelings that arise in our lives we will move to heal the suffering and walk out the other end transformed internally.

The fear

The fear of the suffering is just that a fear. The old saying. FEAR = False evidence appearing real. Is really only that.

We will walk in one person and walk out another, one that connects to our higher self with a life force full of vibrant positive and radiant energy glimmering into our future.

Ways to get connected:

  1. Shift your attention to within
  2. Listen to our body with grace and love
  3. Learn your bodies language and act accordingly
  4. Focus on your breath, breathe into your tensions
  5. Develop concentration and focus
  6. Don’t overanalyse just breathe into it instead
  7. Feel what is unfolding internally
  8. Bringing awareness to all of self
  9. Bring mindfulness to all of self
  10. Bringing attention to all of self
  11. Yoga to help liberate us from the condition of the mind
  12. Meditation to cultivate a presence that creates stillness
  13. Journaling our feelings to provide a release
  14. Spend time in contemplation
  15. Understand who and what you are
  16. Don’t attach to your thoughts as by attaching you will reembed them into your subconscious
  17. See yourself as a witness or an observer to your thoughts instead of being in your thoughts
  18. Implement a daily ritual or practice that helps you to connect with self
  19. Honour and nourish your body with good food, thought, people and energy
  20. Honour your soul, be nice and gentle with yourself – remove the self loathing and self punishment

How to know if you are connected:

  1. You will feel peace and love
  2. You will feel unbridled joy
  3. You will feel your rampant busy thoughts quieten and settle
  4. You will be unperturbed by events in your life and handle them all with a similar confidenceReveal You
  5. You will feel more energy in your life
  6. You will feel less stressed, less overwhelm and develop better coping abilities
  7. You will feel more vivacious and have more child like energy that will radiate to others around you
  8. You will feel a warm fuzzy internal love to all things
  9. You will feel patience with life and self
  10. You will incorporate humour in your life
  11. You will life authentically
  12. You will walk away from drama in your life
  13. You will live in the present moment
  14. You will feel a desire to help others more
  15. You will feel the ups and down of life but with a calming internal love and a sense of grounding of self
  16. You will live up to your life calling, your life purpose and take the risks necessary to achieve this
  17. You will move from a comfortable uncomfortableness to an uncomfortable comfortness
  18. You will feel bliss
  19. You will realise what is really important in your life and transform your life to integrate it
  20. You will exude LOVE and KINDNESS

The one you are looking for is the one who is looking



We all live with the invitation to wake up to life. It’s our choice if we choose to accept this invitation.



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Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx


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