My Inner Wisdom, does she always know best?

Your Inner Wisdom, or as I know her, your Inner Pink Star, absolutely, does always know best.

Always, each and every single time, forever and eternally.

You may find this hard to believe if you have been living from a different unfriendly voice in your head and have never been privy or lucky enough to hear from your Inner Pink star.

Just BE

Without her you may find your life in chaos, overloaded by stress, confused in indecision, flat with depression, overwrought with others opinions and just all in all unbalanced and unhappy ruled by disorder and bedlam.

Find her, meet her, befriend her, love and trust her, incorporate her into your life and I promise you your life as you know it will be transformed.  Your struggles and indecision will slowly fade away and the trust and belief you have in your self will grow exponentially.

The trick is just learning how to listen for her,  to learn how to shush Lady Chitter Chatter (Your inner negative voice also called your ego)  for a minute and hush the constant inner chaos and pandemonium enabling her shine through brightly.

Until you are ready to access her she will remain in the distant background, trying gently to nudge you towards calm and peace.

Your Inner Pink Star is the quiet and calm voice, she is the words, thoughts and feelings that are housed deep in your soul. She is your internal creativity and inner power and strength.

She is the gateway to your happiness, love, calm, peace and serenity, because she always knows what is best for you.

There is no pretence and no life charades. She does not judge or put you in harm’s way. She is your authentic voice of your truth and inner wisdom.

Unfortunately she gets buried under layers and layers of life, past experiences, expectations, others thoughts and feelings.

She gets bogged down by our Lady Chitter Chatter, the loud and arrogant negative voice inside us that berates and criticises.

How do I find my Inner Pink Star (Inner wisdom)

Stop and breathe

  • FInd the stillnessClose your eyes
  • Be still
  • Be patient
  • Be calm
  • Be silent
  • Be in the present moment
  • Stop pushing, rushing and worrying
  • Let your thoughts rest – don’t attach
  • Surrender and let go
  • Go deep inside
  • Ask a question that is on your mind
  • Pay attention
  • Listen to your body and notice your feelings
  • You will find her, she is your voice of calm
  • She holds deep all the answers to all your questions and fears
  • Trust the peace and the calm

How do I recognise her?

It is simple, when you have found her your decisions will make you feel:

  • Excited
  • Energised
  • Loved
  • Light
  • Peaceful
  • Connected to the universe
  • Calm
  • Serene
  • A sense of internal honour
  • A feeling that you know it is right


If you feel the opposite of this you are most likely operating from Lady Chitter Chatter and her dysfunctional family bunch.

blue-swirl-Life in the Pink

What happens when I find her?

My Inner Pink StarWhen you find your Inner pink Star and she speaks to you, the next challenge is to access the trust and belief you have in yourself and follow through on her direction for your life.

By avoiding what she has to say we get to avoid the consequences to follow. As humans we like our comfort zones and often it’s easier to stay in an uncomfortable comfort zone than to follow her direction and make changes to your life.

Until you see the benefits you may not trust that everything will turn out ok.

Start with small changes, trust your inner self and work up to the bigger decisions over time.

When you have gained the trust and belief in your deep self, you will know to follow her/you. You will consciously and deliberately ask her questions and wait for the answer to appear.

It is good to remember sometimes the consequences we are trying so hard to avoid are the ones that once we face up to, bring the most miracles and wonder to our lives.

Practise makes perfect, practise away meeting and greeting your Inner Pink Star and watch for the marvels she can bring.

Your happiness, peace, calm and serenity will soar as will your relationships and the love you have for yourself and others.

I will save my own personal Inner Pink Star experiences for another blog, maybe next week. But I would love to hear your own stories of when your Inner Pink star has revealed herself to you.

You can read more about your Inner Pink Star and her nemesis Lady Chitter Chatter in my book Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness. Visit Book Depository HERE.

“It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty”

Dalai Lama

With Pink love and respect, Lara, Suzy and Chelsea. xx

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