See the magic this Xmas.

Xmas is nearly here. Only 7 sleeps to go!

Wow, once again it’s Xmas time in the city. The jolly season and the jolly fellow are just around the corner and the lead up is one of the most pleasurable parts.

When you look around you see jam-packed shopping centre carparks, Santa Claus effortlessly bouncing lines of children on his knees, Michael Buble echoing out Xmas tunes from the radio, street trees dressed in tinsel, reindeers overhead and people out and about everywhere.

Xmas is a magical, enchanted and fairy-tale season for the lucky ones. But, for others, judging by the expressions on people’s faces and their diminishing patience levels it becomes a serious and stressful pain in the butt. It all depends on how you choose look at it.

What I see
I see the magic, enjoy the beautiful new and old traditional xmas tunes, wrap my presents with music playing, sing carols at local establishments, devour pudding with brandy custard, reminisce, share heartfelt tears over times gone by and excitedly look to the future and the potential of new and exciting opportunities.

Lara on NimbleFor me it is an enchanted time of year, today I visited the city with my Mum specifically to experience and immerse myself in the magic and innocence that xmas brings.

We visited the “Magic Cave” where Santa resides and children are in awe, laughed over the mirrors that make you look to tall or to fat and sat on Nimble the horse that for years has been and still is a heartfelt symbol of an Adelaidian xmas.

The department stores and shopping centres with their decorations and music instantly captivated me and I was overcome with the feelings I had as a child when everything was hopeful, exciting and good in the world.

My Dad

However, this year there is one less special person by my side, my Dad, It is much harder to appreciate each Xmas moment in all its shiny red and green tinsel and glory.

The first year in 40 something years that he will not be by my side to share in the day, exchanging the love, laughter, food, singing and gifts. My gift from him markedly absent from under the tree will be missed for so many reasons and none about the material meaning and all about his lack of actual presence.

Xmas loveMy beautiful Dad took me with much love from Xmas in my nappies sucking on my thumb, to Xmas with Father Xmas and finding Baby Alive at the end of my bed, to Xmas through my partying years and suffering the day with a hangover, to Xmas in my corporate role feeling the stress, to Xmas with my Dogs, to Xmas through my breakup, every Xmas in between, and one last beautiful and love filled Xmas in 2016.

But, he is here in spirit, I have to believe that and he lives in my heart every day, so I am trying my very best in honour of him to continue to see the magic I have always seen in xmas.

I sincerely believe he would want me to enjoy it like I have every other year and send loving vibrations to my family, and be grateful for the moments and my life in general rather than suffer in silence.

I will shed some tears on the day and dedicate a portion of it to reflect on my relationship with my special dad but then I will smile, laugh and feel the love present all around me, his and all my family.

I have thought a lot about this over the last few weeks and as I finish all my shopping, now to pack and wrap and turn up on the day with my love, gratitude and joy for life just with one less present under the glittery tree than last year.

What do you see?

There is loneliness, loss and a whole host of negative emotions that surround Xmas for some.

It is a truly arduous time if you are in a difficult place. Stop! Reflect and find out exactly where you are. See if you can make a choice on how you see, act and what you do this Xmas.

Some may see a world full of horrors and man made devastation that cause death and pain, it’s a fact and its amongst us but, so is the good in the world. It is ever present quietly shining away under the countless sad stories on the news.Xmas three sleeps to go

Acknowledge the bad, accept the world is what it is, but focus on the good and be the good in the world that you want to see. Your good and shiny vibrations will echo through your friends and family and create more loving ripples into the world.

Both the good and the bad exist in our human experience and both need to be honoured and felt to allow the deep joy we are all seeking to surface.

Let Xmas shine through in all its glory and wrap you in its innocence and beauty and allow you to regain your hope and faith in your world and your journey.

Don’t underestimate your ability as a sole person to make a difference in your world and the world of people close to you.

One day at a time, one person doing good things at a time can change the world.

The moment

Xmas 2 sleeps to goXmas is another moment to be shared and enjoyed and if we miss the moment living to much in the past or focused in the future we miss the magical moment that presents itself, and another year will pass and you will find yourself reminiscing on the moment you have just missed in years to come, wishing you were there again..

Be in the each and every moment on this magical Xmas. Enjoy it now instead of pining for it in the future.

Xmas ponderings

  1. Are you seeing the magic?
  2. Are you choosing to see the good in your life despite the suffering and the struggles of the year gone by?
  3. Could you see things differently to see a shift in your days?
  4. Are you taking ownership of your life or are you suffering in silence?
  5. Are you mindful you can see and appreciate the magic whilst also feeling the pain?

Escaping loneliness this xmas

The best ways to see your loneliness ebb away, is to shed your tears, feel your feelings and then get up off the couch and give, show selfless acts, find your altruistic side and let it run loose.Xmas one sleep to go

Open your heart and allow it to help others who are also experiencing a challenging time.

Volunteer for those who are less fortunate, help deliver lunches to the homeless, be around children, get involved in your community, spend time at an animal shelter.

Surround yourself with others, meet new people, connect and share in their loss whilst creating bonds at a heart level and  you will find the loneliness and sorrow gently lift away, allowing you to find your own little piece of magic this Xmas.

Tis the season to be jolly and my message for December is:

  1. Look for the magic not the stress
  2. Reflect on the year gone by, the good and the not so good
  3. Look to the potential opportunities coming in the new year
  4. Honour and pay tribute to the loved ones that are not here with you this year
  5. Open your heart and give.
  6. Eat, drink and be merry while you feel the love that surrounds you.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Norman Vincent Peale

I deeply wish you all a wonderful love filled xmas and a journey and adventure of new and fulfilling experiences into the new year.

Live the abundant life you are meant to live not the life that your fear imprisons you in.Merry Xmas

Love…Lara and the two cute puppos Suzy and Chelsea Lxx

Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx



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