So, who is Life in the Pink?

Welcome to Life in the Pink, Pink stories inaugural blog.

Yay..It’s so super exciting to have you as part of our Pink community! I’m Lara, and with Suzy and Chelsea my two canine companions, we are thrilled you have come to visit our webpage and I send big thankyou’s if you have been a loyal facebook supporter whilst I have been in the background busily preparing the launch of this site, my first book Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness and my Pink stories blog.

Hearbreak Healing and Happiness cover

It’s been a very busy and stressful few years yet highly exciting at the same time. I’ve taken the highs with the lows to ensure I fully live this life I have, so beautifully be given by my lovely parents. Finally my dreams and passions of the last 15 years have come to fruition and I’m reveling in the pink glory and a little pink champagne.

It all started, back in 2002 ish, I answered the knock, and opened the door to my own personal development journey after a deeply hurtful breakup of a long term relationship. After one brief discussion I lost, my partner, a group of friends, my house, my dog, my security, my emotional and mental balance, my self esteem, and I found anxiety, sadness, confusion, disillusion and grief. Not a great trade off really.

I was reduced to rubble and I knew I had to slowly jigsaw my life back together piece by piece, somehow. Not knowing where to turn, and feeling intense grief, instead of late nights and retail therapy I signed the papers, paid the $8000 (ouch) and enrolled into a Diploma of Professional Counselling. The journey had started, it was tough and difficult at times but every day was enlightening, the things I was learning were giving me pink epiphanies all over the place. After a period of time the jigsaw was put back together and freed me to become more of the person I was to become. I had helped myself and concurrently was learning how to help others. I was getting very excited about my future.

Once the door was opened I enthusiastically jumped on the journey for life, and got swept away. A bit like a good diet it has to be a lifestyle change not a two week sabbatical to achieve the most benefit in the long term. I can tell you that it hasn’t always been easy, in fact at times the words “That’s it, I’m done, give me a block of chocolate, some wine, allow me to be clueless and lay on the couch in fetal position” would have been easier but no, I persevered. I tuned inwards instead of tuning out and the benefits have been colossal.

The self development journey has transformed me, it has made me a better more compassionate person. I became someone I loved so much more. Plus I realised the more I loved myself the more I could love and be kind to others, all the cute animals and the planet.

This has not been an overnight success story though, it’s been years in the making and I am still a masterpiece at work. It will take years more as I am not sure it ever really stops. Please never think I am a pink cowgirl lecturing from my high horse. I have learnt by experience, studies, research and my passion in this field drives me to learn every day.

I am ultimately on the treasure hunt seeking inner peace, authenticity, joy and to feel contented most of the time, to take control of my life and live in and enjoy the present moments and the delightfulness they bring.

Many more stories, experiences and delicious moments came after this period of devastation in my life that I can save for another blog. But suffice to say my first devastating breakup experience and other life experiences along the way have given me an enormous, life long deep felt passion around personal development, mine and yours!

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So, Life in the Pink is here to work with you to redesign and redecorate your life one step at a time. To make it a part of your everyday lifestyle, a Pink life. We will assist you to create awareness, invite more love into your life, unearth your diamonds of truth by being authentic, heal any lingering hurts, enabling you to emerge every day a little more healed and happy with oodles of energy, chasing your dreams, living your purpose and eager to take on your next exciting adventure, whatever or wherever that may be. Hopefully Italy and all of its culture and ambience in the height of summer in my case.

Books, blogs, courses and quotes will provide insightful information promoting inner transformation to a life of abundance and the ability to flourish at every opportunity, and live your very own Pink version of “Happily ever after”.

I invite you to submit your own pink story. Writing is a cathartic and healing experience. Put together your own story, follow my criteria , send it to me and see yourself in writing on our site, take the first step. Feel the joy in submitting your own energy and vibrations to the world and assisting others through the difficult parts in their journey. You could just save a life.

I hope you enjoy your time in this space and that you embrace its concepts, and incorporate it into your life. Despite any rough patches in life’s terrain you will see that magic does appear, miracles can happen and life can get all sparkly if only YOU let it.

So, please join me and let me help transform, teach, heal, awaken and enlighten you along your journey in your beautiful life.

Maybe the small changes you make internally can aid in making profound changes to the world in its entirety sharing love and hope for our future. As I believe each small change we embrace and put into action can have a direct impact on the people we love and surround ourselves with and have an even further reach without our knowledge.

So, will you take the leap and jump on the personal development journey with me, and help to transform your world?

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”


green-swirl Life in the Pink

With Pink love and respect, Lara, Suzy and Chelsea.  xx





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  1. I first met you many years which start with a trip to the snow (remember that) and whilst we are far apart our friendship has never ever faded. I too have been through my struggles in life and still work through some of them, but your friendship means the world to me. Can’t wait to read your book gorgeous girl xxxx

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