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Submitting a Pink Story – criteria

Life in the Pink has a universal wish to create a positive likeminded wide reach community. Here we can share our experiences and writing via guest blog posts that will help cleanse and heal us and in turn assist others in their journey called life.

Our values: love – truth – purpose

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to shine a light on your creative writing and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. It gives you the ability to share your work, skills and talent.

Think about your life and the lessons you are learning as you take your daily steps towards peace and fulfilment. What could you share with others? What epiphanies have you had that could provide comfort for others? What have you learnt? What tricks and tips are you excited about? What makes you feel vulnerable and authentic? How do you these traits assist you to shine in our world?

Writing is a cathartic way to express, move, heal and process your feelings. Sharing your thoughts gives others an opportunity to feel a little less alone in the world, knowing someone has been through a similar experience.

Ooze love, radiate your truth and flourish by living your purpose.

What do I need to send?

I invite and encourage you to send me an original story following the criteria for each submission.
• A engaging and catchy title relevant to the blog post
• Your blog post no bigger than 1000 words
• Presented in Microsoft Word
• A quote to go with each blog post, representing the feeling of the blog
• An inspiring image to add to the story (Preferably with some pink in the image)
• A summary line at the end with your biggest tip/learning tool
• An author blog bio of no more than 80 words
• A photo to go alongside the blog post
• Your name and email address
• Your website and Facebook links if you wish to promote yourself

What else do I need to consider?

• Positive content only please. Please no posts of a religious, political or scandalous nature, or any other topic that could cause disharmony.
• We do not accept posts that sell a product or service.
• Self development focus only please
• Please be honest. This must be your own work.
• Your post must not have been posted/published anywhere previously.
• Life in the Pink reserves the right to edit posts for readability, or to suit our company philosophy Allow yourself to be you – we welcome your eccentricities and quirkiness
• You don’t need to be a professional blogger, we want real and authentic people sharing their real truths.
• Enjoy, be passionate, have fun and allow your authentic self to shine and sparkle



How do I submit a post?

• Collate all the information above and email to

What happens next?

• We will evaluate your blog post for relevance and appropriateness
• We will advise you via email if your post is successful to be posted with 2 weeks
• We may make changes to improve your article
• We will read but will not take responsibility for errors or omissions
• If your post fits all the selection criteria we will load to our guest blog page, filter to all our followers on our website and our Facebook page.
• You and your blog post are live and online to help others in the world!
We apologise in advance for any blog posts we do not publish.

green-swirl Life in the Pink
Life in the Pink is excited about connecting with you and receiving your blog posts. We welcome your feelings, thoughts and experiences and feel delighted to share your words of emotional and soul wisdom with others around the globe.

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