The 10 step recipe to cure overwhelm.

Cure overwhelm and create a world of peace and balance, where all your moments are joyful and stress free.

The year 2016 and we live in the nation of overwhelm.

Every time we turn around there is new software, something to back up, documents to download another chore to be done, a bill to pay, exercise to fit in, a healthy meal to cook or running around for children, friends and family.

When do we get the chance to just BE?  How do we cure overwhelm in our full and demanding lives?BE

Overwhelm becomes even more problematic if you are a perfectionist, a type A personality or a control minded person. (I hate the word control freak).

If you are lucky or unlucky (Depending on how you look at it) to have these traits, not only do you live in overwhelm, you live in overwhelm of the overwhelm. Aarrggghhh..

Once you are in overwhelm and running at full speed to get everything done, your mind looks into the future to try and find some respite, maybe a  five minute break to sit and have a cup of tea, or a day where you can go with the flow with no schedule, maybe see a movie.

However when your calendar remains full and no respite is to be anticipated we start feeling the full effects of overwhelm and head into anxiety, stress and potential unhealthy or even dangerous territory.

Do you ever feel yourself shaking when someone asks you to do something? A little voice may be saying inside, “I can’t do anymore” This is a true giveaway you have hit your limits. You are full to the brim with your tasks and responsibilities and your mind needs a rest. Something has to give.

When does it stop, how do you slow it down, when do you say NO?

My week

My week has been one of overwhelm and why I write this blog this week. Being the Type A personality, a little control minded and a part perfectionist my mind struggles to rest until all the jobs on the list for the day are done.

When the last task for the day is ticked off only then does my mind truly rest, then it wanders to tomorrows tasks and it weaves through the week and the chores to find some ME time.

I have learnt a lot over the years and I am getting better but this week has been a flop, and a backward step in the overwhelm department, with the end result being tears of frustration, and then frustration at being frustrated as I know better.

I missed a whole week of yoga because I was to busy and yet that is exactly what I needed to do. I thought very hard last night about what I could implement to make a difference to my Sunday and my next week. I started with Yoga and then cooked up my recipe below.

The cure to overwhelm


  • Self loveAppreciate the Now
  • Trust in yourself
  • Willingness
  • Faith
  • Desire to be different
  • Your playful side
  • Your self expression
  • Patience


Mix the ingredients above into the steps below and you will be amazed at what you create. Better than any chocolate chip brownie. (Or maybe nice to have with a chocolate chip brownie, unless like me you are intolerant to chocolate and it just makes the situation worse)

  1. STOP…Just stop for a moment and BE. Allow yourself to slow down. Sit and have a cup of tea and just be with your thoughts.Add some self love
  2. BREATHE… Inhale and exhale. Observe your thoughts and don’t attach, focus on your breathing not your list and tasks.
  3. BE IN THE MOMENT... This moment now is the only moment you have at the minute. Why ruin it with worrying about everything you need to do for the rest of the day. Plan the day but then enjoy the moment. We live and breathe in this moment only, enjoy it.
  4. PLAY IN NATURE… Nature has a funny way of curing your stress and bringing you back to the moment. Take your dog to the park and play. (This is the best part of my everyday, oh and my dogs)
  5. BE ON YOUR OWN… Ask everyone to leave you alone for a while. Connect to yourself for a period of time. Find out what it is you really want and need. Remember to be the best person for everyone else you need to be the best you first.
  6. DON’T DWELL… Stop sitting around and analysing the things that go wrong or the things on your list. Take time to grieve if you need to, plan what you need to do, but then get up, move on and move forward. Take action.
  7. SAY NO… Create your boundaries, learn to say no. You can’t do everything. Be your own best friend, put yourself first. Less people pleasing and more YOU pleasing.
  8. DO WHAT YOU LOVE… Find what you love and do more of it, say no to what is unimportant and YES to your passions and purpose. Everyday do something you love. Create your life around what you love.
  9. TURN OFF THE PHONE… Just because your phone rings does not mean you have to answer it. At most times it is an unpleasant and rude interruption. Hit the silence button and go have some fun.
  10. ASSIGN A YOU DAY… “Sunday is Lara day….” Pick a day, make it yours and do only what you wish to do.

Mix it up, implement your cure to overwhelm and enjoy the moments instead of being overwhelmed by the moments, for the moments are all we have and they are so very precious.

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With Pink love, thanks and respect Lara and the two cute puppos Suzy and Chelsea. xx

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  1. Thank you so very much for writing this. After the week I’ve had, this is just what I needed to help myself regroup. You have helped me 😊

    • Rachel, you sound like you had a week like mine. Hope this week is better for you and I am so pleased it helped you. I am more pleased you connected to share this with me Thanks Lara xx

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