The big anxiety buster

Looking to reduce your anxiety, start with the one big anxiety buster and move towards a happier life.

Most of the theorists scribe that anxiety is one of the main basic emotions, So, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you, unfortunately it is here to stay, it is part of the spectrum of human emotions and of your divine human experience.

There are different levels of anxiety. Some anxiety is healthy and is part of your survival such as the fight and flight response that occurs naturally in life threatening situations.

At a different level, if you have self-awareness it can be helpful and tell you when you are heading in the wrong direction and can be a beacon of light to follow if you are brave enough to face it. Find yourself be free

However, at other times depending on numerous factors and particularly your stress levels and your authenticity it can sky rocket out of control leading you to misery and despair.

It is then smart to say that life will become much smoother if you understand more about anxiety in general, to learn when it is helpful and to know when you need to stop, listen to what it is telling you, breathe and start over.

Anxiety in your own human experience, unless it’s stopping you from being eaten by a tiger or hit by a car always comes with a message to your inner self. So, to befriend it or at least accept it for what it is and what it is telling you will make life so much easier.

I can speak from experience and say that anxiety is a most uncomfortable, unwelcome and undesirable emotion when it is out of control and when we have no understanding about the meaning it brings with it.

I experienced mind numbing anxiety for about two years after my first big breakup. Then I took the first steps which led me to take control, learn from it, befriend it and accept it, which has made my life so much happier and fuller.

It wasn’t always that way through you can read more here about my personal anxiety story but suffice to say the choice to take hard road led me to a life beyond what I could have hoped for.

The big anxiety buster

There are numerous factors that can lead you to get your anxiety under control and understand and learn from it. However there is one big factor.

Instead of running away from yourself you need to turn around and run towards yourself.

Do you find yourself like a mouse on a round wheel, busy, busy and busier?  One thing after the other. Do you need the company of others and find it difficult to be alone? Are you scared of being on your own or to sit still? Are your feelings overwhelmingly frightening? Are you scared of new challenges? Are you frozen and unsure of your next decision? Ae you battling each moment in fear? Face yourself

When our anxiety builds so do our distraction techniques, our obsessive traits and our neediness on others. You see these behaviours all keep you running away from yourself and stop you from healing yourself.

The more you run away from yourself, the more you become disconnected, the more your feelings get stuck inside you and the more anxiety you feel. You are now the mouse on the round wheel once again.

To heal you actually need to find your courage and your strength and face yourself. Find yourself, love yourself, learn about yourself.

Sounds easy, feels scary. Right?

Try these 10 steps to run towards yourself

  1. Make a commitment to heal
  2. Stop and Breathe
  3. Turn around and face yourselfLearn learn learn
  4. Feel the fear, cry the tears
  5. Lower your stress levels Read more here
  6. Be self loving, authentic and true to yourself
  7. Calm your mind and don’t attach to the thoughts
  8. Get to know yourself inside and out
  9. Find the messages anxiety brings
  10. Change and live your life accordingly to the messages

Other anxiety busting techniques

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Take up yoga and meditation
  • Nourish your body with healthy foods
  • Spend time outdoors every day
  • Be with the ones you love
  • Only do what you can each day
  • Reduce your to do list
  • Watch your thoughts
  • Live in the moment
  • Be self aware
  • Start your spiritual/personal development journey
  • Watch your thoughts read more here
  • Learn, learn learn.

It is possible to befriend your anxiety monster, for at the end of the day anxiety is just thoughts, and anxiety always brings a lesson and a reason to change your life for the better.

Look at it differently and instead of hiding from yourself and running further away every day. Stop, turn around face yourself and get to know the real you. This really is the first step to reducing your anxiety.

It is a journey so prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride. It is worth every high and low for when you come out the other end you will feel calmer, more balanced and free from the mind numbing anxiety.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

Zen Proverb

Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx



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