The doors of Italy

Ciao from Italia.

If you have been following my Facebook page you would know I am in Italy. Beautiful, chaotic, loud, busy, divine Italy.

Hot Pink in ItalyI am soaking up the culture and immersing myself in the Italian lifestyle full of charisma, passion and love. It’s fantastic

I am getting grounded amidst the ancient ruins and bonding further with my families roots with each new town I visit and each footstep I take.

Amalfi Coast

AmalfiAs I type I am sitting in a little town called Amalfi on the Amalfi coast just south of Naples. Houses in Cliff tops as high as you can see and the most beautiful blue water as far as you can see. The Italian language echoing from the streets, horns beeping everywhere and gelato flowing freely. It’s a European delight!

It was a little or a lot hairy getting here on the skinny roads that barely fit two lanes. But somehow the Italians with their laid back yet passionate lifestyle display an arrogant patience as they make it around each bend on either side of the road.

They wait patiently where they need to and curse loudly and beep furiously where they need to. Within inches they miss colliding with another car or a person, driving as only an Italian can with chaotic precision.

We get there eventually. Safely thank goodness!

I was being chauffeured in a private silver Mercedes with a youngish charismatic and chatty Italian male so it wasn’t really that bad. Lol I focused on the view.. Of the water that is, not the Italian male and enjoyed the ride practicing my Italian speaking along the way.


Having returned to Italy just over a year since my Dad passed away it has come with some emotional awakenings. The last trip I did to Italy was three years ago with my Dad so to return and contemplate where we had stood together only three years prior made it difficult to fully accept he is no longer here and I am standing alone. That has brought may tears to the surface for release, tears that were patiently still waiting to be healed.

Tears that whilst I was in my home town were easily buried with distractions like work, dogs, house cleaning and many other to do lists. Being away with no distractions I have been stripped bare left only to feel the grief that remains below yet at the same time feeling all the love and appreciation for dad, life and my journey and travels here to this stunning country that I love.

Before I left Australia My heart told me I had to come and I now know why. To help the grief and to help move it through and to experience the love and the amazingness this world has to offer and also the confidence I hold inside to be able to conquer it all on my own with a backpack full of emotions still to release. The more emotions that are released the more love is rising to the surface. It’s quite exhilarating and liberating.

I have named Rome my eternal healing city. I have a deep connection here and feel it with every part of me. It feels like I am home, I feel safe, content and like I fit in.

The doors
I have walked through many doors during my time here:


Tiffany & Co RomeThe door of Tiffany & Co bringing with it exquisite jewellery of my favorite kind. I stayed in the street Via Margutta in Rome which is where Audrey Hepburn filmed A Roman Holiday. Quaint and divine just around the corner from Tiffany & Co. No purchases at the store but it brought beauty to my experience just being inside.

Hotel Rome

The door of the apartment where I stayed with Dad and my family last trip. This brought a monumental release. Standing where we once stood together. Did I note my Dad was Italian so he has Italian roots hence the poignancy and relevance.



Hotel Forte RomeThe door of the hotel I stayed in Hotel Forte that provided a nurturing space to be me stripped bare in Rome. Also the place I recovered from jet lag. Meditation and Yoga Nidra were my best friends at 2am for a few nights.



Holy doorThe door that is the Holy Door in Santa Maria Maggiore one of the biggest basilicas in Rome. Opening only every 10 or 20 years by order of the Pope. It was a significant place for my Dad. It was not open but I stood nearby and felt it’s magnificence radiate around me.



The door/opening to the Blue Grotto in Capri. Taking me to a special place in Italy shining it’s water in a brilliant blue. Entering on a little row boat having to lay down as the opening is so small.

Chauffeured by a young Italian male singing Volare, smoking cigarettes and cursing at the other boat drivers. A little less refined than the Gondoliers in Venice. This experience allowed me to go “WOW” I’m alive and it’s amazing.


BasilicaThe doors of all the other beautiful basilicas. I sat In each one I passed. I sat and soaked up the silence and the peace and allowed a little of it to wash over me and hopefully stick with me. Also saying a little prayer for Dad in each Basilica.



The learnings
The doors have symbolized many things for me:
An opening for new opportunities
An opening to feel and bask in the memories the good and not so good
An opening to face any fears and walk to the future
An opening to allow all emotions to be felt even the deeply help ones
An opening for the heart to rise up and lead
An opening to strip bare, no masks and be fully authentic
An opening for confidence and to know I can conquer anything
An opening to honour my beautiful special and magnificent father
An opening to honour me
An opening to live life to its richest and fullest
And finally
An opening for love

What door do you need to walk through?

This is dedicated to one sister who also loves and connects to Italy like I do. Also to my two others sisters who I hope one day will.

Love you Dad. Love you Italy.
It’s Definitely HOT PINK in Italy..X

Arrivaderci Belle ragazze…Buona  Giornata. Baci xx
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Big Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children, Suzy and Chelsea xx


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