The fifth and final step to healing – Acceptance

The “In the Pink” process is a healing process, that can catapult you forward into a life that oozes energy and happiness. Life is your stage, yet when you are struggling and floundering your performance is not at its best.

At various times throughout your life you may find yourself consumed with self doubt, a lack of self confidence and a lowered self esteem.

These traits can spiral downwards very quickly and lead to nasty issues like anxiety or depression if you don’t pay attention.

So, to be able to dance on the stage of your life with class and grace here is the final step in the healing process.

Teaching you how to face the hidden parts of yourself that need healing, which will enable you to express and process blocked emotions, unleash your authentic self, find your life purpose, radiate self love and flourish living your personal version of happily ever after.

This week we learn about the final step to healing. If you have missed out on the first four weeks see the links below.

q-love-truth-purposeStep one – Awareness

You learnt that creating self awareness is the master key, and the first step towards profound healing. If you allow yourself to be honest with yourself and observe what is happening internally you will learn a lot. Your task was to create awareness around your behaviours, emotions, feelings, thoughts, choices, relationships and actions. Read more here

Step two – Responsibility

You learnt to cry your eyes out, put the chocolate and the chips away, then make a promise to yourself to take responsibility for your life, to own it, to be the author of your journeys. Read more here

Step three – Feelings

You learnt to feeling all your feelings. You learnt to be strong, face up to them. You learnt to be aware, feel, process, express and heal. Alongside all of that you now understand the need to be gentle with yourself when you are navigating a difficult time. Read more here

Step 4  – Forgiveness

You learnt that forgiving someone does not condone their wrongful behaviour towards you, and that you don’t need to become their best friend again, but that it frees up your internal space, opens your heart and helps you walk forwards into your new life. You made a choice to release the bitterness and resentment that you carry around inside and instead live from positivity and love. Read more here

Today’s lesson – Acceptance

At this point after completing the first four steps of the healing process you probably have a better understanding of where you are, what you want, how you behaved and what you are feeling.

You have an understanding and awareness of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. You have begun to take responsibility for them and your healing. You have felt, processed and expressed your feelings and have forgiven yourself and your partner removing some of the resentment and bitterness you have been lugging around.

It is at this point that self love starts to shine through the internal gaps, warming you up from the inside and natural acceptance starts to take place.


This acceptance can bring clarity around your situation, it brings with it an inner calm and helps you to stop resisting and fighting the process.

If you take the time to think about acceptance you can make good use of the lessons and the epiphanies you have gained and put these to better use in your future, to prevent making the same mistakes again.

You are learning to make better choices, to truly know and  understand who you are and what you need and desire at a soul level.

Clarity is defined as “clearness and lucidity”. This means you can start to understand quite clearly why you did the things you did and why you didn’t do the things you thought you should do.


You may start to see patterns from previous life situations which may be highlighted very brightly, again giving you a golden opportunity to invent a new pattern, in turn creating a happier and calmer future.

You are now making profound transformation in your life.


I finally found acceptance after moving through the whole healing process. Even with a lot of hurdles, buckets of tears, heart Bloom and Growwrenching anxious moments and rage filled minutes along the way, I let go peacefully, was grateful for the lessons I learnt and finally I had my energy and zest for life back.

At this point the worst of my heartbreak was over. I still had alot of healing to do and many more things to learn but I was out of the heartbreak trenches and moving back into life full force, sparkling along the way.

The lessons I learnt always linger softly and gently in the back of my mind and pop up to remind me when I am manoevring off track. They are a gift to my now happy and healthy life.

A lesson

One lesson I learnt was that I was the source of love I receive in my life. The more I processed the bad and icky stuff (That I had been scared of and run away from for nearly a lifetime) the more I felt the good stuff. The more I could love myself, the more love I had to give other people and all the beautiful dogs in the world.

A choice

Make a choice to learn the lessons your heartbreak was sent to give you, there will always be a lesson in there if you are willing to face up to yourself and look deep enough. The pink gift in this is that once you find it, your life will be different in a good way forever. You will eliminate the chance of repeating the same mistakes and emerge a new and changed version of yourself.

At first this new version may appear foreign to you but over time you will fall madly and totally in love with her.

5 questions to ponder.

  1. What will you NEVER do again in a relationship?q-smile
  2. Where do you feel you betrayed/sacrificed yourself in your situation?
  3. What is the biggest thing you dislike in others? Which may be a projection of what you most dislike about yourself.
  4. What is the one biggest thing you can change, to reinvent yourself that will prevent you from falling into the same situation?
  5. What is your biggest learning?

There is so much more I can tell you about the healing process, and many more areas that will benefit you and your new life in a healing capacity.

When I came out of the healing process I still wanted to learn more about who I was, what I wanted, my inner wisdom, my negative inner critic, my goals, values, passions and purpose.

So, if you are like me and want to learn more, continue to read my blogs or visit this link to purchase my new book – Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness, which will walk you through the entire process from heartbroken to living a life with love, truth and purpose.. Visit Book Depository here.

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