The fourth step to healing – Forgiveness

The “In the Pink” process is a healing process, where you get to forgive so that it can catapult you forward into a life that oozes energy and happiness. Life is your stage, yet when you are struggling and floundering your performance is not at its best.

At various times throughout your life you may find yourself consumed with self doubt, a lack of self confidence and a lowered self esteem.

These traits can spiral downwards very quickly and lead to nasty issues like anxiety or depression if you don’t pay attention.

So, to be able to dance on the stage of your life with class and grace here is the next step in the healing process.

Teaching you how to face the hidden parts of yourself that need healing, which will enable you to express and process blocked emotions, unleash your authentic self, find your life purpose, radiate self love and flourish living your personal version of happily ever after.

Step one – Awareness

You learnt that creating self awareness is the master key, and the first step towards profound healing. If you allow yourself to be honest with yourself and observe what is happening internally you will learn a lot. Your task was to create awareness around your behaviours, emotions, feelings, thoughts, choices, relationships and actions. Read more here

Step two – Responsibility

You learnt to cry your eyes out, put the chocolate and the chips away, then make a promise to yourself to take responsibility for your life, to own it, to be the author of your journeys. Read more here

Step three – Feelings

You learnt to feeling all your feelings. You learnt to be strong, face up to them. You learnt to be aware, feel, process, express and heal. Alongside all of that you now understand the need to be gentle with yourself when you are navigating a difficult time. Read more here

Today’s lesson – Step 4 Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a giftForgiveness can be a difficult step, especially depending on how you have processed the other steps, how hurt you have been and how much you are struggling to let go.

It was by far one of the most difficult steps for me. I tended to hold onto the blame and shame routine for longer than I would have liked to. Like many of us I held onto the pain and my heart remained closed. This also meant I didn’t move forward. Moving forward was scary so maybe unconsciously by not forgiving I could remain where I was,

It took me a long time to understand that if I could forgive I could free up alot of internal space inside my mind, heart and spirit to move me forwards with my life.

Once I understood and accessed forgiveness life began to change, It is by far one of the kindest and most compassionate gifts you can give yourself. It erases the bitterness and resentment and unties you from the other person.

What you need to remember is that, forgiving someone does not condone their wrongful behaviour towards you, you don’t then need to become their best friend again, what it does is frees up your internal space, opens your heart and helps you walk forwards into your new life with positivity and love.

How do I forgive

I believe that everyone is at different stages of their emotional and spiritual journey  and despite how it appears most people are doing the best they can at the time with what they know.

Thoughts to ponder.

  1. Think about good qualities the person possesses and remove your focus from the negative ones
  2. Use an affirmation he/she did the best they could at the time with what they know
  3. Think about a time you craved forgiveness from someone and how that worked
  4. Think about a time you forgave someone else and how you felt
  5. Think about where the other person is at and their capacity to live up to your expectations
  6. Understand we all make mistakes
  7. Think about if your anger at them is actually anger at yourself – then work at forgiving yourself
  8. Choose to live a life with an open heart free of bitterness and resentment – choose to forgive

Forgiveness is a gift and it can change your life

Questions to ponder

  1. Is not forgiving working for you?Choose to forgive
  2. How would your life be different if you could forgive?
  3. What is forgiving stopping for your achieving?
  4. Why do you want to hold onto the bitterness and resentment that is created by not forgiving?
  5. Are the other persons actions worth you ruining your life and peaceful existance by not forgiving?
  6. What feelings does not forgiving create for you?
  7. Rate your ability to forgive from 0 – 10.
  8. Rate your willingness to forgive from 0 -10

The forgiveness letter

Light a candle, stop for a moment and try writing a forgiveness letter one to the person who you need to forgive and one to you forgiving yourself.

Go deep inside and access and release all of your feelings onto the paper. Let the words flow onto the page.

A choice

I reiterate, it is a choice, you have awareness now, so make the choice to forgive, it will change your life.

Forgive, unwrap your forgiveness gift to yourself and then go out and build yourself the most wonderful life, the one that you deserve dull of peace and happiness and tripped of bitterenss and resentment.

Good luck…

Next week we will talk about the fifth step to healing..Till then…………….Have a fabulous week.

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