The second step to healing – Responsibility

The second step to healing – taking responsibility.

The “In the Pink” process is a healing process that can catapult you forward into a life that oozes energy and happiness. Life is your stage, yet when you are struggling your performance is not its best.

At times, various situations or events may leave you consumed with self doubt, lack of self confidence or a lowered self esteem. These traits can spiral downwards very quickly and lead to nasty issues like anxiety, depression and disease if you are not paying attention.

So, to be able to dance on the stage of your life with class and grace we will teach you how to face the hidden parts of yourself that need healing, that way you can clear the blocked emotions, unleash the authentic you, find your life purpose, radiate self love and flourish living your version of happily ever after.

Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago you learnt about the first step to healing – Awareness. Read more here.

You learnt that creating self awareness is the master key, and the first step towards profound healing. If you allow yourself to be honest with yourself and observe what is happening internally you will learn a lot. Your task was to create awareness around your behaviours, emotions, feelings thoughts, choices, relationships and actions.

How to become more aware

  1. Stop and breathe
  2. Put down the to do list and stop the distractions
  3. Slow down
  4. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable
  5. Notice and observe yourself, all the good and all the not so good
  6. Journal your feelings and thoughts
  7. Be honest

The second step to healing – Responsibility

The second step to healing is taking responsibility for your life. This comes with its own set of difficulties. This can potentially move you out of your comfortable uncomfortableness, into a new and more challenging, or even scary place.

Not everyone is always ready to do this. When you are sitting on the sofa splurging on chocolate and chips, feeling sorry for yourself you really have two choices.

Best friendChoice A
You can stay on the sofa, enjoy the chocolate and share your concerns and worries with anyone who will listen, change nothing and hope that magically your world will be different when you wake up tomorrow. This is victim mentality.

Choice B
You can cry your tears, then wipe them away, put the chocolate and the chips back in the cupboard, own your situation, take responsibility for your life, pick yourself up, smile and decide now to make some changes. This is responsibility mentality.

Please don’t be hard on yourself if you recognise yourself in Choice A. That is why you are on a healing journey to learn how to do things differently. If you already knew how to do it differently, no doubt, you would already be doing it. We all only do the best we can with what we know at any given time. So be nice to you.

Be your own best friend.

My story

no do oversI have some many examples I could use about this in different situations in my life. As humans, I am no different, we can often think things are too hard to change before we admit, or are forced to admit we need to change.

I suffer with a lot of food intolerances, it has been a twenty year journey to identify and manage them. Working with an integrated doctor we are now working together to change my diet, heal my gut from the damage the intolerances have caused and hopefully reduce my food intolerances for the long term. (This is story for another time)

The point though, even though I am generally reasonably good and well informed, I had another flare up of my symptoms last week from an avoidable overindulgence and it all got to hard. I found myself with the chocolate and the chips on the couch, feeling sorry for myself. This mini meltdown lasted for a few days.

On the third day I realised that I had the two choices. I could stay in my pity party with my symptoms, and my chocolate, which happens to be one of the things I am intolerant to, so that wasn’t really a great strategy.

Or, I could take responsibility for my life, my health and my happiness put the chocolate away, (maybe a long time), commit to myself and my eating habits with the knowledge that by doing this I will feel healthier, have more self love for me and my body and hopefully (crossed fingers and toes) heal my gut issues, so I can eat chocolate freely again one day.

So I used step 1, created awareness, then I decided to take responsibility.

So this week I have remained committed to my health, felt so much better, slept more soundly, been calmer and nicer to be around. My emotional lows from the week before are a distant memory (Alongside the chocolate unfortunately). I am on the responsibility road train and I can feel the healing taking place from the inside out.

Tough time

It’s a tough call, the decisions you need to make and how your life may look after you take responsibility may be very different. You may need to move out of your comfort zone, or should I say you will need to.

But, what life can bring when you are honest enough with yourself, to own your life, steer your own ship, be the author of your journey can be exhilarating.

It becomes the place where the true magic and miracles occur.

You may achieve things that you never believed you could do. Taking responsibility also creates improved self confidence and self esteem. This gives you the opportunity to build on your internal world bringing more calm, peace and happiness into it.

A promise.

So are you willing to make a promise to yourself?I promise

This is the promise I made to myself.

“I own this, I am willing to take total responsibility for me. I eradicate all blame towards others or myself. I become the author and creator of my life. I actively look for solutions in alignment with my truth, with love and forgiveness from this day forward”

This was so empowering to me that I have used this on numerous occasions to take back the reigns of my life and regain control, when things have gone a little haywire.

Take a moment and create your own promise to yourself. Start off with “I promise…….”

Move forward and live congruently to your promise, to bring yourself your happily every after.

Next week we will talk about the third step to healing..

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