The third step to healing – Feel the feelings

The “In the Pink” process is a healing process, where you get to feel your feelings that can catapult you forward into a life that oozes energy and happiness. Life is your stage, yet when you are struggling and floundering your performance is not at its best.

At various times throughout your life you may find yourself consumed with self doubt, a lack of self confidence and a lowered self esteem.

These traits can spiral downwards very quickly and lead to nasty issues like anxiety or depression if you don’t pay attention.Feel the Mind body spirit connection

So, to be able to dance on the stage of your life with class and grace here is the next step in the healing process.

Teaching you how to face the hidden parts of yourself that need healing, which will enable you to express and process blocked emotions, unleash your authentic self, find your life purpose, radiate self love and flourish living your personal version of happily ever after.

Step one – Awareness

You learnt that creating self awareness is the master key, and the first step towards profound healing. If you allow yourself to be honest with yourself and observe what is happening internally you will learn a lot. Your task was to create awareness around your behaviours, emotions, feelings, thoughts, choices, relationships and actions. Read more here

Step two – Responsibility

You learnt to cry your eyes out, put the chocolate and the chips away, then make a promise to yourself to take responsibility for your life, to own it, to be the author of your journeys. Read more here

Today’s lesson – Step 3 – Feelings

This is where you get to feel your feelings.

Many of you may already be running for the hills, want to delete this blog or are already looking for comfort food. Aarrrrggghhh not the feelings, you say? Is this you?

Over time you may have concocted many superb distraction techniques to ensure you are able to avoid the icky feelings at all costs. Yes or No?

Don’t feel alone unfortunately there is a large proportion of the population that operate on this level and continue to be at risk for a crash and burn in their near future.

But you are different, aren’t you, because you learnt at step two to take responsibility for your life, you are now the author of your journey, the journey which has you arriving at this step willing to give it a go. To move out of your comfort zone and continue walking through the healing process and all the highs and lows that go along with it.To feel the joy

When your feelings arise you may feel you are standing at the top of a precipice and if you allow yourself to feel even an iota of the feelings you will crash, burn and find yourself rolling down the steep cliff visualising crashing at the bottom in a bruised and broken state.

Feeling your feelings can be one of the most challenging, scary and painful yet liberating steps of the process.

A secret
Let me tell you a secret, no matter what feeling you feel and how far you fall down the cliff it is ALWAYS possible to stand up, brush yourself off, climb up and become stronger. It is possible to feel your feelings and not be forever ruined. In fact it is actually the polar opposite.

Fall down knowing you will catch yourselfEach moment you repress your feelings you allow negative, anxious energy to be stored within you. Each emotion you bottle up creates more internal tension and at some point you will need to release your steam and with a lack of healthy ways to do this you will automatically start developing negative behaviours and issues.

It is the repression that will ruin you not the expression.

Once your feelings energy is allowed to be felt and released, your interlinked body, mind, emotions and spirit will thank you enormously.

I promise you

I totally promise you, you will feel lighter, more connected to yourself, more loving towards yourself and this is when the magical moments, of peace, joy and happiness start to appear through the cracks of despair.

The more you can feel the bad stuff the more you can feel the good stuff.

How do I feel and heal

  1. Be aware – stop, breathe, observe and pay attention
  2. Feel – Be mindful of your physical self and notice the sensations you are feeling. What is your body telling you?
  3. Process – Sit with the emotion, no distractions, no running, no comfort food just be still.
  4. Express – Cry, yell, scream, laugh, curse whatever you need to do to release the energy of the emotion.
  5. Heal – You are now walking towards healing

Most importantly – remember to be gentle with yourself. One step at a time. Go gently, don’t push yourself. You are in a learning phase and when we learn new things we are sometimes clunky, let yourself make mistakes and in time and with practise things will become easier, more familiar and more natural.

Side note – If you find this to difficult to do on your own seek the help of a good counsellor to walk you through the process.

Some questions?

1. What is your favourite form of distraction that keeps your emotions bottled up?
2. What emotions are you happy to feel? Anger, sadness, fear/anxiety, shame
3. Are you scared to feel any of your emotions, what is your fear?
4. Which emotion is the most scary for you and why?

A challenge for you

For the next 7 days use the feel and heal steps above when an emotion arises. After it has passed record the feeling and the process you went through in your journal. Observe what happens and how you feel.

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What we resist persists and grows stronger

Carl Jung

Next week we will talk about the fourth step to healing..Till then…………….Enjoy your week.

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