Three secrets to an extraordinary life.

Are you living an extraordinary life, a life where there is peace, calm and inner contentment?

A life where every morning you wake up to greet another day with zest and enthusiasm?

A life where you have gently honoured your heartbreaks and grief and moved past the pain to expose the joy on the other side?

A life where you understand the person inside you and make decisions that honour and are true to her?

A life where you can feel and befriend all your emotions and guide yourself gently through the tricky ones?

A life where you are feeding your passions, living your life purpose and relishing in your dream?

If not, you are not alone.

The journey

We are all seeking that elusive “Happiness”. Millions of us are striving to try that one new thing that will lead us to overcome out heartaches and pains. Often numbing our pain with external stimuli hoping we are able to hide from the inner hurt.

Maybe you are well on the spiritual journey to finding an extraordinary life or maybe you are at the starting point and have reached rock bottom and are now desperately trying to pry your way back to a life of peace, ready to learn anything to get out of where you currently reside.

But, no matter where you are on the journey you need to keep walking forward consciously putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes one step forward three steps back,  holding onto that inner belief no matter how small, that you will be ok.

Life in the Pink

I established “Life in the Pink” with three essential values to get from rock bottom to living the Pink life.

  1. HEARTBREAK – Walking through your heartbreaks with self love- LOVE
  2. HEALING – Unearthing your authentic self – TRUTH
  3. HAPPINESS – Discovering your life purpose and living your dream – PURPOSE

I have lived through this process from rock bottom to a Life in the Pink, twice after big relationship breakups many years apart.

I have also lived through part of this process two more times losing my father and my fur child.q-love-truth-purpose

Sometimes you need all three of these secrets to get yourself back on track, and other times you may only need one of these.

When you have your purpose and your truth bedded down, when the next heartbreak does occur you will be able to navigate through the grief so much smoother.

If you are at the beginning and need all three know that’s its all possible.

It’s an arduous journey and one that takes inner courage and an ability to pluck up your bravery to face your fears and feel all the icky feelings lying below waiting to be exposed.

But the rewards are the extraordinary Life in the Pink we are all seeking.

HEARTBREAK – Walking through your heartbreaks with self love- LOVE

In my experience and speaking with people healing our heartbreaks is often ignored. Losing someone important to us sends our lives into a spin, everything changes and the pain can be felt deeply from all different parts of the mind, body and spirit.

loveWhen the pain escalates instead of sitting with the pain and expressing the emotions that arrive to be dealt with people will clean the house, call a friend, eat something nice or a myriad of other distraction techniques that can often lead to dangerous addictions.

Our feelings are part of our inner make up, we can’t really run away from our self which is why when we ignore what is going on inside and become disconnected from our self we start to build up anxiety and depression.

The number one secret that is the most important is to honour your grief. Befriend your feelings, don’t ignore them. Sit with the feelings, cry your eyes out. Scream and yell at the world so long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Shake with anxiety. Just let the energy of your inner feelings be expressed into the ether.

Go with the roller-coaster ride, be gentle with yourself and show self love.

Grief and all its emotions are exhausting and at times create a struggle just  to get through every day. If you process your feelings show self love and be nice to yourself,  in time the intensity will lessen and the grief will fade.

You need to take the journey even if you were not prepared for it. You will feel better in time but only if you process the grief.

If you block, hide and keep all your emotions tucked nicely inside never to be let out not only won’t you heal but it will fester and you will become sick.

Choose to heal.

HEALING – Unearthing your authentic self – TRUTH

Once you have healed the heartbreak you need to rediscover the person who is you.  If you have lost yourself in a poor relationship you will need to do some work to find yourself.

If you have lost someone close to you, you may emerge a little different than before you went through the grief tunnel and you may need to spend some time relearning about you.

truthThere is no bigger joy being truly authentic to yourself. If you can feel connected to your mind, body and spirit you will always know what is the best decision or path for you. You will just know because your feelings and inner wisdom never lie.

Its important to be nice but stop people pleasing, to work hard but not overwork, to get things right but not be labelled as an obsessive perfectionist, to strive to be better but not compare yourself with others and then berate yourself, to feel disappointment but not live in victim land, to acknowledge your vulnerability but access your strength.

It’s important to know your strengths, areas for improvements, values, beliefs, passions, fears, likes, dislikes, deepest desires, deepest hurts, intolerances, moods, dreams and the things that make you the unique special person you are.

Lying beneath quietly is the most authentic version of yourself. She does not need all the material objects, reassurance from others and a need to feel important she is just you. The calm, peaceful, inner contended version of yourself that was there when you were born before all your limiting beliefs and societies conditioning has been placed upon you.

Seek her out, find here, love her.

HAPPINESS – Discovering your life purpose and living your dream – PURPOSE

Once you have felt and processed all your emotions and your inner authentic self has been revealed, its then time to discover your life purpose. To expose the reason you are here on this earth. We all have a unique and special reason that we are here, it’s just a matter of discovering it.

purposeWhen you are living your passions and your purpose life is different. Life is fun and exciting. You discover all the enthusiasm building up internally that is ready to be scattered onto every day like hundreds and thousands on a buttered piece of bread.

Discovering our purpose often requires you to step out of our comfort zone, try new things, eliminate things that don’t work, move away from people, places or jobs that no longer serve us and use our authenticity to brighten the path to our life and soul purpose.

Find your life purpose and you are living your dream.

Put it all together – Love – Truth – Purpose and you have a LIFE IN THE PINK..

Pink love Lara and the two gorgeous fur children xx




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