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What is sistership circle?

Circle is when people come together for a purpose that is spiritual and transformative with an intention to CONNECT – HEAL – TRANSFORM and to RISE. (To release, reclaim and rise)

Circle has been an ancient ritual since the dawn of time comprising of beautiful women coming together in their tribe or community and sitting together sharing space for each other to ponder, collaborate, contemplate, connect, heal, inspire, support, nurture, play and grow through the stories of their lives.

Sadly, this has been lost over time.

Do you feel isolated and disconnected from a sense of community? Do you also feel disconnected from your own body and heart and live solely in your head? Do you feel a sense of loneliness, discontent, stress or overwhelm? Do you feel something is missing and are seeking deeper connections and hold a desire to feel that sense of community and acceptance? So do many of us!

That’s where the modern day circle can help. It connects you to your soul, your truth, your heart and to others.

It is a powerful sacred space that will have you feeling reconnected, renewed, nurtured, energised and lifted, it’s a place you can just be YOU, your true authentic self! You can remove any mask you may be portraying to the world to fit in. It is an opportunity to find and share your voice, build your confidence, connect to your inner wisdom, tap into your divine feminine (your creativity, and intuition) and actively call in what you want to your life.

You get to open your heart, feel any vulnerability if need be in a safe space. You will be seen and heard and in return see and hear others. You can share without interruption and listen as you reflect each others greatness and shadow – both are welcome. We don’t coach, fix or convert we honour and respect each other as we listen. You can bring all your rainbow of emotions and be as messy as you like as you are held by the circle. What you learn in circle you can then translate into your everyday life.

You get to bring your challenges and experiences and celebrate your joys, strengths, talents, gifts and abilities as you appreciate the wisdom you hold within. The circle weaves its magic and medicine to all it meets as you gain a deeper understanding of your own identity.

A beautiful sense of community is birthed, where we support each other and share our innate wisdom moving from scarcity to abundance and from fear to love as we heal, transform and rise into our true feminine essence of self.


Thank you for inviting me to attend last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, as a facilitator, I thought you were exceptional. You created a really comfortable, warm space for us all and made sure everyone felt included. There is something magic about women supporting each other and also just being heard. Everyone has a story and issues that they face…it was cathartic to talk about some of those things with a non-judgemental group. Amanda

You were amazing, so gracious and unflappable despite the tech issues, you’re the person I want around in a crisis! So very proud of you for creating such a wonderful experience for us all. The women were all fabulous and honest and you connected us beautifully. Josie

Lara creates a deeply transformational space in her circles.  Her heartfelt care and preparation foster a feeling of safety and flow while her warm and glowing presence invites the process of change forward.  It all feels so natural and effortless and I can’t thank her enough for the life-changing experience. – Pam Blue

Lara holds transformational space! Her circles are built strong as a loving and safe container, creating safety and warmth, she brings light and space to breathe, time to see and be seen. Lara is a natural space holder and her gifts as a yoga instructor are evident as she naturally engages and leads us through meditations with ease and grace. I love attending her circles. Sinead

I really enjoyed the Sistership Circle, I thought that the other ladies that were involved in my circle were so lovely and that it was a good feeling to have had common thoughts and emotions and I could relate to the other ladies definitely. The circle took me out of my own world, that is for sure. I’d love an invite to the next circle. Tash

What a great job you did tonight! Your vibration was very calm and wise which allowed for us to relax into it so quickly. You would never know that you’re new to doing it. You summarised well what people said and kept it moving without making people feel rushed, and kept it so safe for people to be vulnerable. You gently took control where needed for the circle to flow easily. Well done, you’re a natural Steph

Thank you Lara it was a pleasant and uplifting experience. Meg

You did a great job leading the group. What  you read out was very meaningful and significant for me and your personal sharing too. The energy of the women in the group was beautiful, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Alli



“ I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life,

Happen to you, and that you will work with these stories.

Water them with your blood and tears and your

Laughter till they bloom, till you yourself

Burst into bloom”

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes


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