Yoga anatomy – The spine

The spine

The spinal column is like string of pearls and the knots separating the pearls act as spacers so the pearls don’t rub and scratch each other.  The spongy intervertebral spinal discs are similar and act like spacers and absorb shock and separate one bone from another. Each disc has a tough outer and a gel like centre. After about the second decade of life these discs have no direct blood supply and remain effective cushions only if they receive nutrition and moisture from surrounding tissue.The process called imbibition (Squeezing and soaking) allows the discs to absorb nutrients and fluids preventing the disc from losing resilience and becoming narrow. 

Movement stimulates the process of imbibition by compressing and releasing the discs. Movement in all planes – backbends, forward bends, side bends and twists maintain its flexibility and mobility. Joints also require space and lubrication to function correctly

Why do we elongate the spine?

The spine Yoga in the PINKTo use correct muscles on the twists
For flow of prana/ energy as nerves are in the spinal cord
To bring the spine into maximum vertical alignment while integrating all the spinal curves
To stretch and strengthen the muscles that feed the arms and legs to the spine
To keep the spine healthy, strengthened, lengthened and balanced
To create space in the spine


Why create space in the spine?
Space within the spinal column is important for movement, health, ease and for the life sustaining action of the central nervous system. If the spaces between the vertebrae diminish the nerves can be painfully pinched causing disruption in the communication between the Central Nervous System/CNR and the other organs and muscles of the body. If we backbend without elongating the spine we can crush the bones.If we compress through sitting, standing and poor movement habits we place to much strain on one part of the spine which can lead to a disc tear or herniation. Also to prevent compression of the spine and to keep the spine happy and healthy.

You may like to get our your nanna’s pearls (Like I did) and check out the spaces and the knots. Maybe place them on your yoga mat as you remember to always create awareness, space and love around your spine!

Till next time.

Dance in the peace and bask in the bliss… Pink love and light

Lara and the gorgeous Miss Suzy and Princess Chelsea



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Yoga anatomy – The spine

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