Yoga asana – Tadasana Mountain pose

Tadasana – Mountain pose

Tadasana is the foundation pose for all the standing poses and here we are connected to the earth standing like a mountain. It is considered a resting pose and helps our posture and alignment.


  • Establish the centre of the body and feel the naval radiation to the extremities outwards from the naval
  • Feel an uplifting of the body
  • Awareness of the feet and helps improve flat feet by lifting and strengthening the arches
  • Awareness of and improvement of postural alignment
  • Stretches the nerves and the muscles
  • Strengthens, stabilises and tones the toes, ankles, knees, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, ankles and the lower part of the legs.
  • Enhances muscles tone
  • Good for sciatica
  • Increases flexibility, mobility and balance
  • Nourishes the nerves
  • Develops strength and flexibility in the spine
  • Creates space through the vertebrae of the spine and the neck keeping it happy and healthy
  • Improves circulation
  • Creates space within the body allowing internal organs to work more efficiently thus improving respiration, digestion and elimination
  • We meet ourselves where we are at
  • Good for concentration
  • Refreshes the body and the mind
  • Encourages emotional balance and groundedness
  • Harmonises the body and the mind
  • Increases energy
  • Steadies the breathing

Important points:

  • Image result for tadasana cute girl imagePlace equal weight on both feet as you place weight on the large knuckle of the big toe, large knuckle of the little toe and centre of the heel forming a triangle and lift up through the arches
  • Ground through the feet as contact points into the earth to feel a powerful uplifting force that rides upward through the body.
  • Place the big toes together and the heels slightly apart
  • Lift the toes and replace them spreading them evenly on the floor
  • Lift the knee caps up to activate the thigh muscle
  • Bring the pelvis to a neutral alignment
  • Draw the rib cage inwards to sit nicely above the pelvis
  • Draw the shoulder blades in towards each other, opening through the chest and draw them down towards the tailbone
  • Draw the chin back slightly to lengthen through the neck
  • Allow the arms to be by the side
  • Melt the belly towards the spine to engage the core muscles
  • Lengthen the tailbone towards the floor
  • Imagine you are a puppet and your puppeteer is holding a pink string or a line of energy from and through your feet, legs, pelvis, torso, chest, neck and out the crown of your head
  • Soften, be silent and ground through the stillness
  • Inhale and exhale through the nostrils using the full lung space
  • Close down the eyes and observe
  • HOLD for 30 seconds to one minute


  • Low Blood Pressure (possibly if held to long): may cause a dizzy feeling
  • Bring the feet hip distance apart if pregnant, knock kneed or if it creates more stability

Practice your Tadasana pose as this is the foundation for all the standing poses. Find the sweet spot and stand tall and proud  like a majestic mountain rooted in the earth. Find the total stillness, presence and magnificence in this beautiful asana. Be inside in silence ready for action yet grounded in stillness.

Dance in the peace and bask in the bliss… Pink love and light

Lara and the gorgeous Miss Suzy and Princess Chelsea



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Tadasana – Mountain pose

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